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I voted for other. I do have to work, and I do like my job, but I also would keep working even if I didn't have to. I'd go down to PT though.
Who are you?I'm Rose! What do you do for a living?I'm a social worker for Head Start What do you do for fun?I like to scrapbook and spend time outdoors with my kiddos Tell us about your SO if applicableMy DH is Patrick. He's a CNA and he is in nursing school, too. Tell us about your kiddos.Anna Esther is 2. She is very spirited and lots of fun. She loves shopping and going to Starbucks with me, my mom and sisters every Saturday. She loves to dance and listen to...
Hi! Just wanted to say good luck with Violet's hearing check. We had Anna's checked too, but they told us it's fine. Her speech has really improved in the last few months. Please let me know if I can help you in any way - we've been through the evaluation process and therapy. I know it's scary, but I personally felt so much better after the therapy began because I knew she was finally getting help. I will be thinking of you!
Hi! I'm Rose, Mama to 2 year old Anna Esther and 7.5 month old Thomas. Anna has a profound speech delay and some sensory issues. She is responding well to therapy and I think she will be caught up by her 3rd birthday in October. Thomas had a stroke while in utero that wasn't discovered until his second day of life. His prognosis is uncertain. Currently he is mildly developmentally delayed, with some stiffness in his muscles and tongue thrust problems. He may also...
Hi All! Both of my children have special needs. My 2 year old, Anna, has a severe speech delay, and I am thinking she also had PDD. My son Thomas (seven months) suffered a stroke in utero and has some minor physical problems from the damage done to his brain. He also had seizures from the stroke injury and is taking phenobarbital for that. I am glad to be here with all of you.
We've certainly had our ups and downs. It's been mentioned a few times.
Another skinny minnie here! We like Old Navy too. Also, I have found Gymboree runs long and thin. HTH!
Another vote for Robeez and Soft Stars. We love them!
Anna likes Raffi, Peter Paul and Mommy too, Wiggles and Barney
Anna easts tofu about 3-4 times a week in small amounts. She loves hot dogs and stir fry.
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