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Just wanted to second the in home childcare idea. I'm a teacher at one. We offer full preschool just like a center, lots of individual attention, and more flexibility. I also believe that it's cheaper. Make sure that whoever you choose has lots of great references.   I have also worked at centers and those are great too. I would recommend sticking to one center. You'll find it challenging to get yourself and the kiddos ready in the morning and you'll need that. Good luck!
We all go out to dinner as a family, which is rare because it's so expensive. Then we watch a movie, and I crash while the kids and DH stay up till midnight
My husband is 27 years older than I am and we've been married for 10 years. I encountered lots of prejudice when we were first together. I just ignored it. I think that 10 years of marriage has proved them wrong. I'm so glad that I didn't let predjudice keep my away from my wonderful husband
3/9 $205 in groceries 3/8 $106 for 4 pairs of kids shoes 3/10 no spend 3/11$95 to pay for house cleaning $62. 98 in kids clothes   So, we are over budget for this month's clothes. Everyone grew out of everything at once. That's ok because I'll just count it towards next month's clothing budget.
3/8  no spend! Today will be spendy, though  
3/7 $20.00 for co pay in meds 22.98 for books at book fair 5.oo in grocery  
35/13 $72.00 budgeted spending for dd's gymnastics 3/6/13 $80.00 budgeted spending for ds/s drum lessons   Tomorrow should be no spend!  
3/3 $188.18 on groceries $8.00 to wash the car 3/4 no spend!  
3/2 A very spendy day, but that's ok because it was budgeted and planned. $35.00 lunch for the little girls and I. $17.50 for movie tickets. $35.00 for my niece's birthday gift. $1.00 for a song on itunes.  
3/1 No spend! 3/2- I know that there will be some spending today, because I'm taking dd and her friend to the movies today and to lunch. I'm estimating $30.00, but let's see how close I come to that!  
New Posts  All Forums: