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Philly has a wonderful, warm, active homeschooling scene. I participated in a group in my hood when we lived there (we've since relocated to VT). We lived in Pennsport/Queen Village, and found it to be very family-friendly: walkable, plenty of parks and coffee shops, some nice parenting/playgroups, etc. It's easy to get to the museums on the other side of town by car or bus. Good luck! :)
Thanks for all these thoughts. I think I'll try for the orange in some juice, and then if that doesn't work, go for the chocolate maple syrup! Whatever works, right? :)
Hi, I'm about to place my first order for FCLO for my family, and trying to decide on a flavor that my kids (5 and 2yo) will be able to tolerate. I'm planning to mix it into juice anyway, so I was thinking orange? Anyone have any particular success with a flavor for your littles? Or bad experience with a flavor? I don't want to waste the money and have to keep trying different flavors if I can avoid it.   Thanks!! :)
Sigh. In the US, you get a tax deduction (albeit paltry) if you pay for childcare so that both parents can work outside the home. Hmm. What about those of us who forego a second income to care for our OWN children? Sorry, no tax break for you. Oh, but yes, for another thread... :)  
Yes. Yes. YES! I just think about how much healthier our children could be raised in a village setting, let alone how much better off we, as parents, would be! We are absolutely not meant to do this alone. I spend a portion of every day, even if it's sub-consciously, dreaming and thinking of how to make the village manifest in our life. Haven't hit upon it yet, but I am staying open to possibilities.   DID YOU HEAR THAT, UNIVERSE? I AM OPEN!!
Oh, thank you, thank you all for the ideas and support. I've been giving myself a bit of time after the kids are asleep to peruse the SAHP forum, and just this alone is helping me feel better. I know it's going to take more support for me to implement some of the changes I want in my daily life, but I'm inspired. I think learning to believe I am a good mama and that I'm doing my best under less than ideal circumstances is a major first step for me.   And I know we...
Just wanted to say thanks for this thread, everyone. It's an inspiring idea, one that I have pretty much every night about the next day, but hadn't thought about really committing to it in this way. It's also reassuring to read about all these other mamas' daily challenges that sound so much like my own. Keep up the good, honest, heartfelt work, everyone!
I'm looking for some ideas!  I'm home with my 4.5 yo dd and 18 mo ds all week (dh works out of state and is only home on weekends). Lately I've been running on empty, and seeing the impact on my mothering. I know I have a bit of a perfection issue, and I'm too hard on myself, and I'm working on that, but still, the reality is I'm losing my patience way more than I want to, and just not having fun with my two amazing, beautiful kids.  I'm trying to come up with some...
Totally. My dh works out of state M-F, so I'm on my own with two littles all week. It's ridiculously lonely sometimes, but it's so much worse when I feel sorry for myself and wish for a "normal" family life. The worst is that I so often feel like I'm falling short as a mother (at least the kind of mother I WANT to be) because I'm so short on inner resources. Every day I wake up and promise myself that I will be more patient, more soft-spoken, smile, laugh more...but how...
Great, thanks snowgirl! Just made an appt to meet with the practice.
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