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I would definitely try LLL. Some of those ladies are lactation consultants as well. They also have a really strong network and can find someone in the area who can help.
I haven't been on this forum for quite a while but happened to peek today. It is scary to make the move...I am a San Diego girl who moved here on a whim 19 years ago. I miss my family, the ocean, the food and the diversity being so much a part of everyday life, but there are so many wonderful things about living here that make up for what I miss. I agree that Johnson County is similar to Orange County in many ways. It isn't where I would choose to live if I were coming...
I alternate between coconut oil and a mix of aloe vera gel with a squirt of Rose facial oil from MRH. I think I have Classic Rose right now but have used Wild Rose in the past and liked it a bit better. I just put a squirt of each in my hand and mix them up together before applying. It took some convincing for me to put straight oil on my acne prone skin but it really does work better for me. I also like the MRH Rose castile soap for washing.
Great! Please just PM me and I'll make a sojourn to your southern environs--I'm in Liberty!
I am looking for a SCOBY in the Kansas City area. Thanks!
Really? No one? No one out there wants to find a local group of friendly mamas? We won't bite you. (And I meant PM not IM in my first message.) Come on...it will be fun.
I am just recovering from a bout of shingles and found St. John's Wort the most effective at calming down my nerve pain. I did the tincture in water several times day.
We are a group of mostly stay home mamas who enjoy supporting each other in our more "crunchy" parenting styles. We have group meetings, monthly moms nights out, on line discussions and regular outings. Our group encompasses a wide range of views on parenting decisions, some are more non-traditional than others and some are more so on certain issues, but we do definitely lean to the liberal side on political and social issues. If you are interested in making some new...
I love, love, love everything I have ever gotten from www.naturesgift.com And they send samples with every order. Some of their things are pricey but you get what you pay for.
They also sell an essential oil blend at naturesgift.com that works nicely for scars. Helichrysum in rosehip seed oil. There are lots of testimonials on the site but we have been using in our daughters forehead since she split it open and it seems to really be helping. The gash is smoothing out and isn't so angry looking. My grandmother also used it after her mastectomy and the doctor commented that she was healing exceptionally well.
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