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Hi ladies! I haven't been on MDC in a long time until recently, happy to see this group. Would love to have more discussions, I never get enough on this topic. Have you seen the http://www.minimalist.org/ forums? They are just getting going but a good place to find local people (in US). I just blogged about our new home if you want to check it out- http://sett.com/exactly Looking forward to connecting!
I've been a minimalist-in-progress and a homeschooler for 8 years. I tell you, my biggest regret is over-providing on behalf of homeschooling. I felt like we needed so much enriching, stimulating stuff and some of it was great but most of it was unnecessary. I would spend way more time outside and together playing than doing all the little projects/kits/etc.
Hoping to get hooked up with chicken pox. Please post if you hear of any, thanks!
I would think just giving it to friends or offering it on Craigslist or Freecycle.  
That whole sharing/trading concept is something I wish was more prevalent around here (meaning the US). I have mentioned to a few friends that aren't into minimalism and wondering why I'd get rid of so much that I could just borrow if I needed to and they acted like that was inappropriate somehow.  
That sounds so awful!   When my grandmother went to the nursing home and we moved into her house we had to deal with all the stuff crammed into every surface/drawer/cabinet /closet/shelf. There was so. much. stuff. it was completely overwhelming. I swore then and there my kids would never have to go through that. My mom has caught my minimalist bug so I don't worry about her but my dad has a LOT. Not looking forward to it. :-(  
I like what someone said about a month's supply, that's a good way to decide. I usually will only buy one extra of something if it's on sale, rather than 5 or 6 but I also don't have somewhere really great to store stuff and I don't use things up quickly so it would annoy me to have a bunch sitting around.
I agree, I think if it's what you spend a lot of time doing and you are passionate about it and have the space to keep it organized, it's worth having. I have a bin of craft stuff that is beyond a necessity. I've pared down a lot and will continue to do so. It's my one 'thing' though and since I don't have any other collections of stuff I'm OK with it.
  I guess this is where I jump ship because my parenting diverges from most minimalists. I think a lot of disrespect happens in the name of love. I think kids need a lot more than to be loved. Lots of parents love their kids but that doesn't mean their needs are met. I think kids have the right to decide what they need; I think ALL humans do! I think if it's not OK to tell your husband that he needs to get rid of his cherished collection of x, y or z then it's not OK to...
All I have is one necklace with 2 charms that I swap out, my wedding ring and a pinkie ring from my mom. The necklace and two charms Sit in a little box with bobby pins, hair ties, and safety pins in my bathroom drawer. The rings I always wear.   Before I got rid of everything else I bought one of those hangers for belts. I hung all my necklaces and earrings on it and put rings in my box in my drawer.
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