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Yay!! Crongrats. Sounds like his birth went pretty smoothly. Can't wait to see a pic.:)   So excited, the babies are starting to come.:)
Yay congrats.:) Guess we need a birth anouncement thread.
Hope all goes well today. Easy labor and healthy baby vibes.:)
I'm due around the 4th and figured the full moon would help out and the baby wouldn't come any sooner. I am excited to start hearing of more births the closer it gets to July.
Just had an appointment at our home tonight, 38wks. Baby is doing good, I'm doing good. Nothing really to report, just waiting on D day, only a few more weeks maybe more. I'm getting excited, but can't believe its so close.
I am waking up almost every hour at night. My hips and legs hurt. Not like oh I'm in so much pain just uncomfortable enough to wake me. Its hard to find a comfortable position. Getting occasional leg cramps.   Also sex is just not as fun anymore. Didn't have this problem with the others. Finding a position good for both of us is difficult.   I am not really ready for baby to be out yet though. I would like for he or she to wait till July. Just a few more weeks...
I expect to make it till July at least and feel I may go over. Though I think I like to tell myself I'm going to go later so I won't get bummed. My first 2 were 40 wks 1 day, so we shall see.   We are mostly ready for baby, aside from some washing of diapers and other baby stuff and an appointment to take my kids to the dentist next week. There is really nothing else planned so baby can come when ready, no pressure to come early or stay late.
Hate that you are hassled about your weight. Please try not to worry about it. Gaining weight is normal even when you are over weight. I hate that docs will tell ladies to limit their weight, like that's even possible.
Anyone else so full of baby it hurts to cough or sneeze? Yikes. I don't remember this from my other 2 pregnancies. Baby also makes some crazy movements, its cool but this is also a first. I can actually see it moving around in there. My other kids get a real kick out of it. Could be my placenta is in a different place and baby is pushed more up front.   Can't believe how close its getting.
New Posts  All Forums: