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Had my 36 week home appointment yesterday.   BP ~ good.   Babies heart rate~ good, can't remember the number.   Measuring just under 36weeks.   Urine was good but at the time I was dehydrated, so working on that.   Last night sucked though. Woke up around 3:00 with a nasty painful cramp in my thigh. OMG Then I had lose stools for a few hours, before finally being able to sleep. My youngest woke in the night and first thing this morning started...
Alabama-Moms.com is a good resource for meeting like minded moms. There are quite a few in the Montgomery area.   I'm not in that area myself, I live a bit further north. Oh and you can do homebirth in the state, I've had 2 and am planning my third. Its just that homebirth midwives aren't licensed.
With my first I had no cervical checks in pregnancy or labor, home birth midwife. With my second no checks in pregnancy, but a few checks in labor. DS's heart rate was low and I think they wanted to determine if birth were imminent or if we should transfer. I was not complete and was un-dialating during a contraction, so we transfered. We were on the way to the hospital when DS was born in the car. Same midwife. With this one no checks in pregnancy and hopefully no...
I heard eating more protein can help(I'm thinking get as close to 100g). Up your water and aim for half your body weight in ounces.  My midwife recommended adding lemon juice to the water. Also make sure you are getting enough sodium in the form of sea salt or kelp or something.   Maybe put a stool or something under your desk to put your feet up on? I've been getting swelling in my ankles and feet since about 31 weeks thankfully it isn't everyday and usually bad...
I think you should be fine. Your child has seen someone when they needed to be seen. The doctor didn't say anything about mine not having had more well checks. If you want to start your oldest with a ped just schedule an appointment, if they are taking new patients. It shouldn't be a problem. You will probably just fill out a new patient history and /or get a copy of the records from the NMD.
It hurts to sneeze, laugh or cough but only on one side of my belly. Anyone else?  Its like I pulled something and I might have. I had to lean over the tub and scrub my 5 year old, long story. My belly is feeling so much tighter lately too. I'll be 34weeks tomorrow.   My back isn't feeling too hot either, I think I'll see the chiro tomorrow.   Also I'm having some pregnancy insomnia here and there, got it last night. Ugh   Just feeling all sorts of...
I'd consider myself a successful mother if my children grow up and are responsible, kind, free thinking individuals, who follow their bliss.
No insert needed.
Have you seen the new Boba 3G? Its a SSC that goes from 7lbs to 45lbs.    It looks perfect for our needs and way better than the snugli Dh used for our first 2. I am wanting one for our new babe I just need to save up some money.   I wonder at 13lbs if you can't just use your Ergo without the insert, what are their recommendations?
Had my 33 week appointment Wed. Everything looked good. My next three appointment are going to be in my home so that is cool. Its an hour drive to see the midwives. So I need to gather my supplies and really clean the house before the next appointment. Its not much longer now, I'm getting excited.:)
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