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I just have to say I still eat runny eggs here and there.   1. Comfortable sex during and feeling comfortable after   2. Sleeping on stomach   3. Feeling comfortable in clothes. I have to buy my maternity clothes used and its hard to find a good fit and or exactly what I want to wear, especially bottoms. At this point I am loving days when I don't have to go anywhere because then I can just stay in PJs.
Oh wow! Congrats on your new baby girl! I am glad she seems to be doing well for coming so early. I hope the time in the hospital goes fast and she is home with y'all really soon.
I hear you on the constipation. I don't remember this being an issue with my other two. I am drinking tons of water, pregnancy tea, eating normally. Thinking of adding more fat like coconut oil or something. IDK
Ooh lists, I like lists.:)   I am getting swollen ankles and this morning had a calf cramp. Anyone else?
I haven't read the whole thread. I voted all the time. Mine are 7 and 5 though and they know the rules. Most of the time given the chose they want to stay in the car.   Usually they are in the car by themselves if I have to go in and pay for gas, drop off or pick up library books, pay a bill. You know stuff where I will be gone for 5 min or less. The car is locked and they stay in their buckles. I don't see anything wrong with this. I'm having a new baby in July...
I have to chime in and say another Bones fan here!  Loved her birth. She's a lucky person for having such a quick labor the first time. Loved the scene where they were touring the hospital.   As far as dreams go mine have returned to "normal" and I haven't dreamt about a baby or anything birth related in months. I've been watching a lot of birth videos to and would expect some, but no. I have only had one nightmare this time and it involved my 5yr old dying in...
If you both love the name go for it. It is a similar name in that they both start with Lu, that's about it. They are not the same name so its not like you are copying them or anything.
I've been thinking of doing this. I need to go through the music I have on hand and see if anything would be good to use. I'm thinking of maybe some trance type stuff, IDK.   I didn't have music on except in labor with my first before the midwives came,I think I put on Mazey Star.
We got one, no issues. 3.5% sounds like a geat interest rate!
Our money gets direct deposited into our joint account. I pay the bills. We have only one debit card and I keep it most of the time. DH gets an allowance in cash once a month that he can spend on whatever the hell he wants.   When we spend money on things other than bills we are usually together or one or the other knows about it.   DH calls me his accountant. He has said many a time if he were in "contol" of the money we wouldn't have any, and its probably...
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