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Could it be like an athlete's foot kinda thing?   Keep up with the tea tree oil, maybe give her probiotics and cut out sugar for a bit? Maybe try an antifungal cream?   Why would they want you to treat it as scabies when they don't think it is? Also if it were scabies you and DH would have it and it would spread to other parts of her body right?    
Yeah DH can cook and shop at the store but he would need a list of what to get and what dinners to cook. He doesn't cook the same sort of things I do but that is ok. It would just be easier on DH to have premade meals.   Would probably be good to have some different bags of ground beef already browned maybe already seasoned and frozen and just waiting to be turned into chili or stroganof or taco salad, etc.   Basically I plan to hang in the bed for a week and...
I want to do something similar this time. I want to have some things frozen ready for DH to just heat and us to eat for dinner. I want to have at least a weeks worth, 2 would be great. I don't know what or when yet though.   I was thinking I would do it in June maybe. IDK maybe I should do a little in May and a little in June. Also was going to make sure the fridge and pantry were stocked with things the kids like to eat. So maybe in early labor or right...
It requires a password?
I woke up in the night last night craving poptarts toasted with butter and strawberry milk. Good thing those things are not in the house or I might have gotten up and chowed down. Its just weird, like where did that come from? lol
    Thanks for letting me know. So I guess I can't share that link here. Weird.
Here is my Target one. http://www.target.com/baby/registry/Z65uU1pmBndPpvotJfoYZQ      
29weeks today! Had appointment yesterday at Maternity Clinic and today with the midwife.   Yesterday typical appointment. BP~good baby heartbeat with doppler~good Measure~ good Urine~ Good   I have made no further appointments with them hopefully they will not notice and I won't be harassed.   Today at the midwife :)..   BP~ Good Baby heartbeat with feta scope~Good Measuring at 30 weeks Urine ~good Iron~ ok will check next month and it...
If you don't want to tell them you are home birthing you can say, probably "insert in case of transfer hopital here", and then change the subject.
Go to the chiropractor. Something is out, sometimes our tailbones can shift a bit, especially if a hip is out or something . I was having tailbone problems earlier in the pregnancy and the chiro has resolved it. It was about 2-3 days after the adjustment and the discomfort went away. I have a friend who is preggo right now and she had the same results.
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