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We just have a regluar ped, we don't vax. After a bit we don't do well child checks but maybe once a year. My big kids just had a check up and it had been years since they had one. There is a new doc so we wanted to meet him and talk a bit about the new baby coming in july.   Would love to have a family doctor but haven't done the leg work yet and some around here don't take babies. Besides my kids are the only ones with insurance. So would have to find a...
Mine are both still excited. My 5 year old seems more excited than the 7yr old. He talks to my belly and talks about the baby at least once a day. :) Well he is a little brother right now, when the baby comes he will be a big brother too.  
Clean up his diet, cut sugar and white carbs. Have him take probiotics, not just accidophillus. Maybe make a probiotic paste or rub plain yogurt on his penis and let it stay overnight? He can eat garlic. You and he should treat at the same time and refrain from activities till you are sure its all clear.   Have you cleaned up your diet? Are you taking probiotics everyday. These are some things you can do to try to beat it as well. You can also put garlic in your...
I personally would let my baby just sleep on its side. I never worried about keeping them on their backs when sleeping with me or even near me. Mine slept on their backs, sides and tummy.   Whatever works best for baby and you.    
Yeah I wouldn't worry too much about baby's position yet. They still have lots of room.
I don't plan on getting any professional maternity shots, but I do need to get DH to take some pics of me pregnant here and there.   I have very few pictures of me pregnant with my other 2.   I would like to have something for me and the fam to look back on later.:)
I go back and forth from right to left in the night. I too prefer the right.  No way could I stay on my left side all night. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Most important to be comfortable and get plenty of sleep.   Also last time midwives checked position baby was LOA! I sit in a kitchen chair with cushion (or on exercise ball) when I'm sitting, so hips are higher than knees, I don't lounge much. When I want to relax and watch TV, I lay on the couch or bed on...
Hey Kathy!!   Totally signed it!
. Nevermind. Posted something but just noticed this was old. Couldn't find a delete botton.
We co-slept and night nursed. DD has had little cavities, nothing too major. But not till maybe 3 or 4yrs old, and she only nursed till 2. She is 7 now and has had 3-4 "spots" that needed attention. DS has had no cavities. He nursed till 3. Can't remember how long he night nursed. He is 5 now.   I personally don't think night nursing causes cavities.  
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