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Hello all, haven't been posting lately because I am on Cd29 and temp has yet to rise. Body has made 3 attempts to O, hope this is the one and temp will rise tomorrow! Cervix was soft and high this morning but this evening feels low and firm, maybe this is a good sign?: Well, hope to be in the 2ww soon. I'm not even concerned if we timed BD correctly or not, I just really want to O and move on to the next cycle. I wonder why my body is having a hard time O'ing this...
Thank you so much for the information. I had to ask because I had never heard of this before and my mother has fears that I too will will end up with c-sections. Both my parents are afraid of me having a home birth,which I plan on doing when its my time. Even my close friends are worried and think I should get my tail bone "looked into" to see if there are problems with its positioning. Seems from what you all have said I won't really know until its time to birth my...
My mother had me by c-section in 1978 and the reason was because her tail bone was blocking my passage. She was in full blown labor with me but the doctor told her I was not coming out because of her tail bone blocking. Has anyone heard of this? This doesn't sound right to me.: Maybe her pelvic opening was small? She's a very small woman. If this "condition" really does exist I would appreciate any info anyone might have.
Your story was so inspirational to me! Thank you for sharing.
Not pregnant yet but we are ttc. Recently found a midwife in our area that charges $20 for prenatal visits and $1,000 for the delivery at my home and the postpartum visits. So It will probably run us about $1500 after its all said and done!
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