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We are having a home birth so my kids will be asleep if its at night. My oldest wants to be woke up to see the baby being born. They are 7 and 5 though so if we need them out of the way during the day when they are awake we can send them outside or turn on a movie or something.   A friend of mine having a hospital birth in May is having her mom to watch her DS 4 when the time comes.   Was thinking, after baby is born unless you need DH to spend the night with...
    Thinking of you and sending love and light.
DD ~ 40w1d  8# 10oz  19and3/4in   Today at 7 she is 4'1" and about 50lbs.   DS ~ 40w1d  8# 8oz    20and1/2in   Today at 5 he is about 3'8" and about 40lbs.   Both kids pretty skinny. Pretty strange that I went into labor on my due date and they both came the day after their "due date".
Appointment with midwives today!:) We are all paid up.   BP 116/78    They listened to baby with feta-scope at my request.:) So no baby running from the doppler.   Measuring right on 25 weeks. Urine good.   Lots of pleasant chatting and talking about birth stuff and babies.:) Love seeing the midwives. Two of the same ladies were there for my other kids' births.
Up your intake of iron rich foods, eat vit C rich foods with them or take a supplement, try not to eat iron rich foods at the same time as dairy products. Cook in cast iron. Use black strap molasses Take Alfalfa and drink pregnancy tea Drink tea with tanic acid and coffee away from iron rich food or cut them out. Cut back on sugar and white flour. Avoid antacids Exercise   This is what I do. Avoid Ferrous Sulphate. Food sources of iron  or chelated iron will always be...
Shadow care prenatal today. So did the 1hour glucose test today with my own food adding up to 50g carbs. It went well, can't wait to find out what my blood sugar was.   Also had second ultrasound today, they wanted to do the scan again because they couldn't get a good look at the cord the first time. This one was better than the first though she didn't explain things I could see the screen the whole time and make out a lot. I saw our baby!:) HR 138 with doppler @...
We plan on moving DS 5 to a backless booster earlier than I would have otherwise. Right now he's in a nautilus( and will be in it till June sometime) and my DD 7 is in a backless booster already. In order to fit 3 across I'm going to have to use 2 backless boosters and the cocorro.   Using the backless boosters with belt positioners they are more safe than we were when we were kids.        
Last weekend DH and I took the shower doors off the shower. We took all the old caulk out( it was moldy and falling apart) and re did it. Then we hung up a curved shower rob with nice new curtain. So much nicer. So I got to check a few things off the "do before baby" list.:)
I have one but its for the new baby. It installed in my Vibe just fine, but haven't used it with a child yet. Goes from birth to 40lbs and 40inches. Rear Faces to 33lbs. And its made to fit into smaller vehicles. It just might be the smallest convertible on the market right now. The seat is deep allowing for space inside and not be too tall.
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