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For the mama with the bettle, have you checked out the Combi Cocorro?
SSC= soft structured carrier. Think Ergo, Beco, Boba,etc. These have straps and buckles.
I will probably make my own wrap to wear in the tiny period. Also have my eye on a Boba 3G, SSC that goes from 7lbs to 45lbs. So this can be used from the begining. DH likes to wear SSC, but he did say he would try the wrap I would just need to help him and show him how.:) For a wrap I tie it at home and  just leave it on tied and adjust if nessesary while out and about so no material draging the ground in the parking lot or store.   So right now I think Wrap and...
I would say up your water and maybe go to the chiro. I was having headaches and going to the chiro really helped and upping my water. Hope they go away for you soon.
Arnica Gel and arnica tabs, for when they fall and bump themselves. Bulb syringe. Saline stuff like Little Noses to help "blow their nose" if they get stuffy or have a cold. There are also cold and flu homeopathic tabs for kids. Teething tabs (Hylands) and or gel and cold stuff for them to chew on. Peroxide Band-aids    That's about all we used. My oldest at about 2 was sick for a week and did get 1 dose of children's Tylenol when she was saying she was...
You are the parent, so its up to you. How capable are your kids, have you been giving them increasing levels or freedom as they grow? You just have to do what feels right for you and your kids, only you will know what that "age" is.   I have a 5 and 7 year old. They are out of my sight playing with friends down the street a lot. They are within ear shot and sometimes I can walk to the edge of the yard and get a visual on them. If they don't come when I call or...
DH took some pictures during my first. My second I had a photographer friend take pics. This time I am going to have the camera rolling and video tape, also DH will take pics and maybe DD if she is awake, it will give her something to do.   This time around its only going to be the midwife team and our little family.   I didn't mind having the photog there at DS's birth she has been a friend since college, she even pitched in with counter pressure and...
We came to a compromise today on the phone. So got it worked out that I will eat a meal with 50g of carbs and then one hour later will test blood. So I choose to eat 2 pieces whole wheat bread, 8oz of OJ and eggs.
Yes a "rural development loan". Our area qualifies, but its hard to see it as rural.lol Would have loved to have a down payment but no way we could have saved, and we were done renting.
We bought our house about 3years ago, with no money down, USDA loan, seller paid closing cost.
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