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We used cloth from the very beginning with baby #2 and like others have said, the meconium didn't stain one bit. So go ahead and use your nice organic diapers from the beginning and when you start seeing the nice orange stains from your baby's breastmilk poo you'll laugh about being worried about meconium!
My son is 21.5 months and nurses once or twice during the day and all freaking night long. My daughter weaned sometime in the month following her third birthday, so we tandem nursed for just under a year.
In line with the scratch baker who got a box of cake mix for Christmas: My MIL gave me a box of hummus mix. I found it kind of confusing, since it likely cost more than the ingredients to make real hummus. DH says "Well, remember, this is the person who until recently thought 'hummus' was pronounced 'humus' - this is exotic to her. She knows we like hummus, so..." 20mo DS likes Elmo *shudder* and my mom and my sister decided to get him some Elmo stuff. A little...
My grandpa was in Korea and managed to survive military service intact. Sadly, despite my grandpa being intact, my uncle was circumcised and had his two sons circ'd. Meanwhile, my aunts who had sons kept them intact, as I have done with my son. Interesting how it's being carried along by the male line of the family.
For us, I think it was the stevia-sweetened, low-carb pumpkin pie. I have no problem with either the stevia or the low-carb, but the person who made it had a very heavy hand with the cloves and it just didn't taste right to me. Thankfully, my cousin and her husband brought some full-fat, full-carb, real sugar pumpkin pies that were very good indeed! The turkey wasn't very good either - my aunt par-cooked it the night before, then drove 2-3 hours to her sister's house and...
I called the police a few weeks ago about an unrestrained child. I gave them the make, model, and license plate # of the car and in what direction it was headed. They sent an officer out to talk to me, and he said he'd go pay them a visit to talk about carseat requirements. The officer wasn't really well-educated about carseat safety guidelines and said that they only have to be in a harnessed carseat until 4 years/40lbs (which is sadly the extent of the law), but...
I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine that there would've been any different outcome had you been giving birth in a hospital, from your description of events. I'm sorry you're being raked over the coals by the powers that be, hopefully they get their heads out of their rear ends soon.
I just grafted the toe on the second sock of a pair for my 3.5yo DD - she'll be *thrilled* to find them in the morning. That leaves the second sock of a pair for me, the Peace Shawl (that's been ongoing for 2.5 years - it's hard for me to knit from a chart with kids underfoot), a sweater for me out of Peace Fleece (it'll be a v-neck raglan pullover, nothing fancy). There are undoubtedly many more projects forgotten around the house, but those are the ones that are in the...
That's b.s. plain and simple. Babies with hip dysplasia wear braces to push their hips out, so cloth diapers could help with that. I believe I've read of more than a few people double-diapering to help keep the hips in place.
Wow, how incredible! Congratulations and many blessings to you!
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