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My neighbor had them and ended up taking them out. She found them not to meet her needs, espically in the bathroom/shower.
Well around here job fairs are mobbed and the line wraps around the building/convention center. So depending on where it is I suggest he arrive early, dress professionally, (wear comfy but professional shoes) bring plenty of resumes. KEEP HIS PHONE TURNED OFF. If appropriate bring samples of his work. Many times employers will grant interviews on the spot so bring references, employment history, address history etc. Basically everything you would bring for all phases...
DH has a 401k that he fully contributes to and we both have IRA's as well. Our kids have accounts that can be used for education but I expect them to apply for scholarships and aid as well. Our home is paid for which is a godsend these days. Right now in savings our priority is retirement, then savings, then kids accounts.
That was $150 per month?? OMG we pay that EVERY THREE MONTHS and I think its too much... sheezez. I was thinking of cancelling all together in 2010 since the kids seem to prefer DVD's anyway. I mean for us its only $50/month but still..
I would take it for now and continue to look for something else.
My 'cost' was zero. I was single and contined to work full time will attenting school full time on scholarship for my MBA, same holds true for DH. Right now I'm considering going back for my teaching certificate. (cost would be minimal)
I love that show.... i have no idea what, some of those houses are soooo nasty, but i love it. Remember the sick lady who was saving her rotted out pumpkin seeds... eewwwww
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenifer76 LOL, not it was not a Bumbo. It was this courtesy of my MIL:http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-I.../dp/B000WUB9O4 We have those and LOVE them.... I got one for when i pgnt with my oldest (10 yrs ago) and they last forever... I think I got 6-7 years out of that original one and now we have 5 of them scattered over the house... my kids love them
As a mom with children with asthma/bronchits we use proventil on a regular basis. (proventil is one of many inhalers we have). My children have no problem with it. I would make sure you DS uses the inhaler as needed/prescribed for now. you can always follow up with the dr for a diff. med later. Wheezing is very scary for children and can turn serious in an instant. That being said, any child of mine being treated for post-viral bronchial hyperactivity would not be...
Quote: Originally Posted by ASusan If you purchased Baby Einstein DVDs in the past 5 years, you can get up to four refunds at $15.99 each. Baby Einstein DVD refund Disney was forced to admit that Baby Einstein is not educational for infants, and they were forced to DO something about it. Offer expires March 4, 2010. Thanks, we have tons of these, my kids didnt like them but I never got rid of them. For some reason parents liked to give...
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