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I remember ds stuttering around that age, now he is 6. Just when I was at the point to where I started checking into speech therapists he started improving. It lasted until the end of his 4th year. it was very frustrating for him and me. good luck mama!
ds (6) pulls his pant's/underwear down in the front just enough to get it out, that is when he stands.....at home he still prefers to sit and pee
That just doesn't seem right or fair
Hope your day gets better
they all look yummy!!
very interesting ideas.....
Congratulations and lots of luck to you
[QUOTE=babygrant;8405604]Oh yummmmmmmmm fruit salad. That sounds good!!! QUOTE] *singing* Fruit salad...yummy yummy I was thinking about this thread this morning, hello everyone!
awwww... that is so cute!
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