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I'd like to join in too!  Several years ago we successfully used Dave's Baby steps to get out of debt but shortly thereafter my DH's hours were cut, we ran the CC's up again, and we lost our house. We're in a different house now (with a much lower payment), DH's work has picked up, and we're in great shape to start chipping away at the debt once again. I'd love to be able to actually get to the "put 3-6mos savings away" point this time around! LOL! I'm going to take the...
So glad to find this thread since I've totally fallen off the Primal wagon and need to get back on! We recently moved (two weeks ago) and my kitchen is JUST now starting to shape up...because of this I've been barely cooking, meaning I buy prepared fish (tortilla crusted tilapia, breaded fish sticks), bison hot dogs, and chicken tikka masala at Costco and serve it along side our CSA veggies...thank goodness for them. Weve also been eating too much bread (Ezekiel) and blue...
I'd heard 40 days too...hmm. Thanks for responding!
I hope I'm posting this in the right place. My DS2 was born 10 days ago and I've been using a belly binder since then. It's been really helpful but I'm wondering how long I should wear it. Anyone done this? How long did you wear it for? I live in the desert and it's hot as heck but I'll put up with the sweat if wearing it longer makes it worth it!
I just had my 2nd baby a week ago and experienced horrible after pains while nursing. The only thing that helped me was Motrin but I'm guessing that you can't take that? It didn't get rid of the pains entirely but dulled the pain enough that I didn't cringe every time I needed to nurse my little one. HTH.
In my last pregnancy I didn't start swelling till the last couple weeks and here I am...due on the 30th, starting to swell already...help! What can I do or eat to help this? I've also had a CRAZY sweet tooth lately that I've been giving in to WAY too much and might be part of the reason that this baby is measuring so darn big...sigh...why can't I eat what I want and be all twiggy? Any reccomendations on how to help this swelling would be most welcome. I really am...
Wow...you guys are my heroes! I SO want to get to this point and I'm on the road but I think I'll do some major purging over the next year, as I slowly get my body back from this baby. I've already tossed most of my maternity clothing (what doesn't fit anymore) into my garage sale pile and that has been a relief! During my mass decluttering this year, I definitely got rid of a lot...I just have way further to go!
Babysitting even though in my pregnant state it's been a struggle to maintain my energy. Taking odd jobs here and there, photography gigs, subbing, small organizational jobs. DH is taking every odd job that is thrown his way in addition to working his full time gig. Doing our best to spend our money only on necessities, and not on stuff we don't need or eating out.
I'm really happy with the chore list so far...even though I've switched items from one day to the next and vice versa because of my schedule, it's really helped me to stay on track overall which is what I was looking for! I have two full weeks on one sheet of paper and I like that so that I can look over that whole span of time and catch up if I feel like it.
Cleaned out my purse today and got rid of: 1 tube of chapstick melted beyond repair a couple expired coupons some business cards several paper advertisements If I count that as 4 then that makes my total...(drum roll please...) 2010 / 2010 !!!!! I DID IT!!!!! Just in the nick of time with the baby due at the end of the month...whew!
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