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My old stuff truly sucks. Really, really horrible stuff. I confess I am lazy about writing and I'm one of those people who wants it to be good right off the bat with out any real work. I'm a big girl now, learning that this is going to take some practice and a lot of trying and failing before I'm any good. I'm not a natural writer. By trade, I'm an artist- and I do the same thing there- I don't want to practice, I just want to be brilliant without any work. Maybe...
I think thats SO awesome, though!!! Taking on the writing AND the music!
Absolutely! We just watched Slumdog Millionaire- I was thinking the whole time "How did they pull this all together? How much of the imagery was described in the script?" I can't find any one movie that my screenplay is similar to, but I have some favorite movies I'd love to emmulate. Almost Famous, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Little Miss Sunshine, The Royal Tenenbaums, etc. I love movies with sharp, funny dialogue, like Oceans Eleven- cheesy, maybe, but I...
I share snippets- but I too may delete the large section from the other thread...though, I can't imagine someone wanting to steal it or anything.
Still going! I'm playing around this month with the whole Script Frenzy thing- converting it to a screenplay- but its great. I'm getting a lot of got ideas and the story is coming into sharper focus. With a screenplay, you have to lay more details into the dialog, it's not as subtle as weaving things into novels. Since I'm not proficient at that yet anyway, screenwriting is a good excericse for me.
I'm only 5 pages in! I started late last night. I think I'm on a roll!
I downloaded Celtx- both DH and I love it. It makes such simple work of it!We have Final Draft too, but I still like Celtx.
AWESOME! Don't stress- have fun with all the excercises, and just go for it!
Again, I'm left thinking I want to read more! Excellent! I think this is a great example of something sucking you. You give hints of what's to come and you it sets a mood of mystery that makes you want to sit in that room with those publishers and find out what they read.
No, not with the amount of kids you have! I never would have done it last year if my husband didn't convince me to do it with him. It was fun! You only have to do 3 1/2 pages per day to make the deadline, and with scripts, thats pretty easy (especially if you write a lot of dialogue!).
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