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I have used both a double electric and the Advent Isis manual pump and honestly the manual works pretty well (if your hand can hold out!) I even use it sometimes instead of the electric because there are less parts to deal with. I don't know about the glass bottles, but I would assume that if you can find them for the electric, you should be able to fit them on the manual as well (Oh, and it only cost around $60)
Adalina Marie 7/22/07 10:46 am 7 lb 6 oz 20 in She's beautiful (but of course I'm bias) and I promise to have pics up soon. She's a little jaundiced so we have to go back to the doc tomorrow. Breastfeeding isn't going as great as I would like. My nipples are cracked and sore. I've talked to a lactation consultant and her latch is good??? I'm going to a different one tomorrow, and hope to get some better info.
Well, we decided on a name last night. So she will be Adelina Marie...unless it doesn't seem to fit after she is born, and then we will be back to square one. I don't know what we will do if it's a boy! I really have no idea on boys names this time!
Yeah, I feel the same way. I'm feel ready, but I actually haven't gotten much ready. I have to pack bags for the hospital and get a birth plan done. However, I don't think this baby cares either way though!
I had troubles with the gerbers before, but ds was already 4 mo old when we started. They might work better with an infant?? DH found new CPF on Ebay for $1 a piece! So I got my bacc degree over the weekend! Yeah. I'm so glad to be done, but I have to go back this fall to start my master's. Ugg. But only 3 more years...I'm hoping to be able to bring the baby with me some, since it's an hour to get to the college, and the childcare in the area is EXPENSIVE.
Hi Everyone! So now y'all made me go buy a sling! Actually I have been looking on and off for a pouch for DH and the price on those Lucy Baby's were good! Especially since he really likes to wear the mei tai with ds. I have a hotsling and love it! But it's just a bit too big for DH. I did buy myself a Gypsy Mama wrap for this baby, and I'm really looking forward to get to use it. DH made me a beautiful ring sling that got finished a few months ago. I'm also really...
I don't usually want alcohol at all, until I'm pregnant. Then I seem to crave it. I don't know if it is because I can't have it or what...Margiritas and daquires sound really good right now.
Hey everybody, the weekly thread is short enough by the time I got to it I didn't feel totally out of the loop when I got to the end! Josh turned two last week, but I just managed to get time to have a birthday party for him. I got my diapers in this week too! They are so cute. I'll have to get some pictures. I might go to Hobby Lobby and get some dye for my prefolds. DH has figured out the serger, and so he has got some wipes sewn. Hmmm. Some stuff will have to wait until...
Mine are blue/green with metalic swirls on them. I thought they looked like little earths.
That's great! I'm hoping to be able to borrow one from WIC, but they don't let you do that until 4 weeks postpardum.
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