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Quote: Originally Posted by Lindsaylou To elaborate on Kelly's idea, maybe you could alert your local shelters anyway. Do you know your neighbors name? You could tell them how he treats his dogs in hopes they wouldn't give him an animal in the future. Additionally, if he did adopt the dog from one of the shelters, they could take the dog back and or check up on it. I also have a situation with a neighbours dog, Ive called the shelters and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Elowyn For those who are against a pet forum, I have a question. How would the presence of a pet forum decrease the quality of or in any way negatively affect your MDC experience? I agree with those who have mentioned yarn crafts, weight loss, and many others as not being really related to AP, but important to many members. I'm a big yarn crafts fan, but that has nothing to do with my parenting (while pets in some ways very...
Quote: Originally Posted by lauraess Ummmm : howdy ladies--- That might be me you're talking about. Now, i've tried not to do it when theres a line, but i have this problem of sorts where I can not pee under pressure... no kidding... even if i have to pee really bad... if im nervous i cant pee. I know really weird. Beleive me, even when i had to do the one test during pregnancy where you have to drink some weird stuff and then you wait and drink...
Brutus the barber beefcake, from WWF :
bumping this so I can find it later :
too cute! when my dd and I were still figuring out breastfeeding; I once had a four year old girl come up and offer suggestions. She knew more than I did,thats for sure
so you, your kids and dog cant take off for the night eh? Then I agree with the others. Drug hubbie, dump him in the shower, call up the friends and say party is cancelled. Hubby is too tired to host lol.
working on the inside is a good idea. No thoughts on how much chlorophyll to use though. When your husband showers, can he put afew drops of tea tree in his hands when he lathers up to wash his pits? Ive found that to help on my super stinky days lol
Liams mom- I first heard about them through word of mouth. I have also seen ads and stories in animals magazines. What area are you in? You could try to google animal communicator. Hope something works for you.
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