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Quote: Originally Posted by bcky2 ummm, we also tend to do it on the couch, floor, dh wishes outside Whats stopping you from taking it outside? Thats my favorite place to be. Shadows are very concealing, bushes trees, tents. You could even run out to the drive-way and slip into the back seat of your car/van :LOL I dont get it either, but then Im mostly single, so I usually dont have to think about anyone other than dd and myself. I...
Well I was reading another thread, and started to wonder How do you teach a toddler to swim and float. I have a just turned 3yrs old today, who also LOVES water, and will excitedly want to jump into anything that resembles a pool beach or lake. Im always with her, and she almost always has a life-jacket on depending on where we are going. But, I would like to teach her to float on her own, and she would like to learn how to swim, not just flail around. I...
We only seem to get comments and dirty looks at the park. And its usually because once children see dd barefoot, they all want to be barefoot. We also get the looks and side comments when I allow dd to do 'odd' things like splash in a puddle The silliest was last fall, a fairly cool overcast and wet day at the park near where I worked as a nanny. My dd had barefeet as usual, but naturally(for us anyway) had on warm pants, undershirt, sweater and light coat. I...
Try a person that communicates with animals. If you can find a bonafide animal communicator, it would probally be well worth it. I have known a few people who have used one for thiers dogs or horses and are very happy with the results. I would like to have a session for my horse, but it is disapointingly expensive. sorry to hear of your dogs proble,s, how stressful. He is definately lucky to have the family he does though.
ooh, come to Canada! but stay away from Quebec, you dont want to end up living next door to Carla Holmoca :Puke
87% pure. Has anyone actually tried answering all 'no' and seeing if it would indeed be 100%?
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola One time I had this really irrational fear that when I started my car, it would blow up. I stood outside of my car for a long time, considering just going back in the house. Then I decided that giving into this irrational fear completely would be scarier than dying. I have done this on more than one occasion, I dont know why :
June 19th and Iam such a Gemini I also share a birthday with Garfield, but he is one year older
Quote: Originally Posted by Momtwice Barbara and The View have inspired me to change my "location" at left. I love it. That would make a neat bumper sticker or cheer at a nurse in :LOL
Thanks So just to verify-Its wont cause tearing, rashes and/or infections
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