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I will join the "he sounds fine" group. He is not likely to get tetanus from a small tack puncture. I can horrify you with tales of rusty nails, rusty farm equipment, cuts slashes, puntures, and not vaccinated for tetanus, and everything always turning out fine. My dd and I are usually barefoot when it warms up, and we even clean out horse stalls in our barefeet. Sometimes we get an infected sliver,but that is about it. Hydrogen peroxide is a fantastic preventative.
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty That could be impressive, but just out of curiosity... how crunchy were the worms? I couldnt chew, I just swallowed them whole :
I had another question- If left in-what is the purpose?
Now I could have that spelt wrong. Does anyone one know anything about the piercings and if they are okay to leave in during intercourse? thanks!
Im so crunchy on a dare I ate a worm(actually two) Im so crunchy I shaved my head just for the heck of it Im so crunchy when my daughter wanted her head shaved too- I shaved it. Actually that first one is probally just creepy, not crunchy :LOL
Iam happy with my decision
Thanks Wendy in Ontario I havnt checked out the links you posted, but when I did my own search I saw that it was only dogs that required a mandatory rabies vax. Is your info on the dogs and cats in the links you posted? Im always telling people its only dogs that have the mandatory rabies, and Id like to make sure Im not leading them into trouble some how, they should be deciding the risks for themselves. So basically I can find a holistic vet and make my own...
[QUOTE=ishtarmaia] and 2 carrots with a dash of salt. Mmmmm... [QUOTE] I dont know why, but I read that dash of salt part as " with a dead fish" and I nearly fell off my chair, ewwww
Can animals be exempted from vaccinations, the same as humans can? I dont vaccinate my animals, but would like to start showing my horse again. There are vaccines that the FEI and CEF OEF(these are just organizations, that you need to be a memeber of for showing) require for showing. Some boarding barns require vaccinations as well. I want to show, but I will not vaccinate my horse, especially since she is a sensitive soul and reacted quite horribly to being...
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