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My first time getting on a city bus all by myself (I wont tell you all how old was, okay I was 18yrs) I hopped on the one that said EXPRESS because I thought it would get me where I wanted to go, but faster. After riding the circuit, the driver asked me if everything was alright, and I told him I where I was going, and the whole express thing. He gave me a transfer with a written note, so that I would not have to pay to ride a different bus, and he did not laugh in my...
: I once thought I was going to have to go to the ER to get help with removing my diva cup : Any news yet?
The other night dd fated while sleeping and then still sleeping, laughed about it :LOL Today I was gardening and I hear "Im a big black scary movie" I look over at dd and she has my coat over her head and face and she is stalking toward me, then she says "Im a big black scary movie and Im going to walk in your garden" I cracked up laughing :LOL :
This thread has me wanting chickens again : I hate having the chickens in the winter though, its just seems too cold for them. Canadians- we have a msn group called CANADIANCHICKENEGGSWAPPERS and also our very own on-line poultry auction for birds, eggs and such. The link for that is on the cnd site above. Both are great places to be a part of. For the rats- get a guinea pig seriously, rats cannot stand the sound. I have an outdoor rabbit and guinea pig and...
Quote: Originally Posted by boston what about little bowls full of anti freeze? :LOL :LOL A rooster-if you can get one- works amazingly for keeping any critter out of your yard. Even a bantam will do, those are tough little guys. I dont know how well they will do at night though. I like the live trap ideas. Catch'em and pack em off. Let the owners know you mean business. We've been having a problem with a houndx dog. You can call...
[QUOTE=Viola]Frankly, I'd be upset that he let my dog out without a leash or lead or fenced in yard. QUOTE] Im pretty sure I had read in the OP that he did put the harness on the dog, but that is all, because that is the only part of out/in routine he witnessed.
When people come to our house we state our most important animal rules- 'cats DO NOT go outside' and 'DONT let the dog jump up on you'. I will fulfill a basic need of an animal in someone elses house. If I know the routine and person well, I do not ask. If I dont know, I do ask. It was up to you to let your house guest know your rules. Since you are so fond of comparing dog with children- would you let your toddler stay with a house guest and not say ANYTHING to...
I had a really good idea a couple of weeks ago, but since I didnt write it down, naturally I forgot, however, Ive always thought that a SAHM should start up a chemical free house cleaning service. You could screen your jobs to the ones where you could bring your child, and using products like BS and vinegar are cheap and okay for your kids to be around. Housecleaning people make pretty good money.
I love rabbits but seriosly get a guinea pig- make sure its a female- my male is one musky fellow. They are gentler, very very cuddly, talkative, and dont live so long . I know that sounds mean, but my rabbit is around 9ys and looks like he hasnt aged a day past full maturity. And while I dont want him to die, I have been carting him and his big ass pen around every time I move for his WHOLE life. I can see him hanging on for another 10 years, seriously!
So if you are the only parent on the birth certificate your good?
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