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Ive thought of this, and even went so far as to put together a little health booklet for my self that included exercises, supplements, and pressure points. For some reason Ive never applied it to my life. Ive been thinking of it lately though. I can dig it out and give some of the info I have, I wont be able to explain the pressure points, but Im sure you could find the info on-line. Im fairly certain eye sight can be improved and maybe even restored with...
I started with the 2 as well, but switched to the 1 because I found inserting and taking it out to be way too painful. I dont know why, I had a 9lb baby and didnt find her head to be painful. In the beginning even the one would leave me sore once I had taken it out. I think your body just has to get used to it.
WOO-WOO!!! congratulations
so sorry
YAY! that pretty exciting. Congratulations.
I wrote as well. Hopefully we get more response from him, then from Oprah.
AWSOME! I love the sun, and whenever possible love to lounge naked. Ive never cared about the special hours either. If I dont get a good dose of sun I feel very very crappy.
sad isnt it. I know(of) someone like that. Natural birth, breastfeeding, no vax, Waldorf student. -Let her babe be mutilated
I would end the relationship. My view is that circumcision is child abuse, and I found I could not even pretend to be okay with people who willingly (and knowingly) had thier child mutilated. Its just not okay.
Thats a load of crap(IMO) Smoking cannot be healthier than quitting. I was told the same thing by a Dr, and the midwives just said to cut back. I smoked to the early fith(<--why doesnt that look right?) month when I was pregnant, and I feel so guilty about it. I struggled with quitting from the positive HPT, or rather I struggled with the thought of quitting It was when I thought more of my baby than I did of myself and that smoking was not her choice, and if I...
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