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Try Molasses. I once spilt some on the floor at the foot of the refiderator(where there was a rust stain), I was lazy and didnt clean up right away. I think it was somewhere between 20-60 min. Anyway, the floor was SPOTLESS, all nice and shiny where the molasses had been.
For the hydrogen peroxide question- Hydrogen peroxide needs to be replaced once a year if you dont use it all. And if you spray hydrogen peroxide, and then vinegar on to a suface you will kill 99.9% of ALL germs/bacteria. But if you mix the two and spray as an all-in-one, it only kills about 10%.
Are banties the same as bantam? I had a little bantam rooster once. I loved him to death, but he would attack all visitors/strangers. He would hide in the bushes when ever someone came by, then he would leap out at them and stick his little spurs into thier leg, and beat them whith his wings and peck them. What a cocky little guy : What does everyone feed thier chick(ens)? The only stuff sold at the feed stores contains antibiotics as a preventative, and I dont want to...
I have heard moducare (immune balancer), and aged kyolic garlic are helpful to take when HIV positive.
some of the names I considered while preggo: Willow Ava Aspen Daisy Freedom Dharma Magnolia Magda spirit (but then the movie happened) Emma Shimmer Ripple Molly hmm, there were more but Im not remembering.
IMO- DONT let them take your baby out of your sight. the Nurses are a bit rough, and may give your baby something you dont want him to have. I had a MW hospital birth, and had to butt heads with the nurses a few times in getting them to understand that My choices were mine and mine alone, and I was sticking with them. Once they relized that I was holding firm they wernt very hospitable to me: . I saw a tape of a freinds baby have a bath, and the way the nurse was flipping...
When under stress your body usess up a lot of vitamins. Many of these vitamin deficiencies cause gray hair. Off the top of my head I think they are zinc, a quite afew B's ( If you take one B you gotta take em all, so get a B-complex) and.. I think its magnesium. maybe do a vitamin search that tells of signs of deficiencies. HTH.
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