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thank-you ladies, it really helps to read your replies. I passed the fetus on Monday, and an hour later had a call that my Uncles heart had failed and the paramedics were working on him. He didnt make it either so Ive been super sad. I wasnt going to do a good-bye post, but Im glad I did thanks again. Mclisa-thanks for the offering me the chance to pm you if I need to. Max's Mami- It would be nice if we ended up in the same due date club in the future.
Ive been bleeding since thursday, cramping started last night. Im thinking of asking mid-wife to set me up for an ultrasound just to see, but I dunno, I just want it to be over. Can someone pls take me off the master due date list, and hopefully Ill be on a new one in the future. Thanks, its was nice meeting you all
Thanks for the links, the one about squeezing the median bar to make the zipper fall apart would have been very helpful. I guess they just pinned him down, poured olive on the zipper/foreskin and gently tugged and pulled and worked it out. Poor guy, guess he'll never be without underwear now.
Thanks, the DP was found and the foreskin has been extracted Dont know how they did it yet, but I will call in a bit to see how he is doing.
My sisters 4yr old has a good chunk of his foreskin stuck in the zipper(not the teeth) the actual zipper. From her description its at the bottom and there is no wggle room, and cutting the pants has done nothing to help. Her DP is grocery shopping(someone has been sent to find him). She would like to resolve this at home,it will be less traumatic. any ideas? Any thing to watch out for? She knows not to let Drs convince her to circ him if she does have to take him...
, so sorry to hear this.
Id like to focus on some specific exercises for pregnancy and birth, but alas Im lazy. Im hoping getting outside and taking care of our menagerie will be enough, and I love yardwork.
I just read that grain teas especially rice is great for ms. You lightly fry the grain/rice(not quick rice) till its golden, then steep it, or mabe boil then steep. You can strain or dink as is. And if you toast grain(barley) then put it through a grinder and then toast it some more it supposedly makes a good coffee substitute.
thanks although it never crossed my mind that my child would come out a little twisted,lol. I was thinking more along the lines of stress and high blood pressure would that be harmful.
New Posts  All Forums: