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Quote: Originally Posted by Stone Fence I don't have PG brain yet. I'm sure it will happen though. I'm so tired that my brain is fuzzy. Noodle, I'm just waiting for the time when I leave the horse gate open. lol, I know what you mean. How many horses do you have? I have these nightmares that I completely forget about my horses and find them days later all skinny and dehydrated. Hopefully it doesnt ever get that bad.
Whats your opinion-Are they harmful? Would you watch one? Theres a movie out Friday, 'The Grudge' I really really want to see it. I love being scared, but I do get quite freaked out :
: oh that was fantastic, thanks for sharing Im a mere 7wks along and today, I let my horse free to eat grass while I swept up the mess in the barn. And then I left. A few hours later I realized I had left without putting her back into her field Thankfully when I went back she was there still eating grass <--can this face temporalily mean relieved?,lol.
Its pathetic the number of men who pick that as thier reason to have thier children harmed. I was so pleasently surprised when I told DP that if this child Im carrying is a boy he wont be circumcised, he said-Sure,your the mom and you know best Id rather leave him than harm my baby(but I didnt tell dp that )
Just realised I havnt replied to this thread yet. Im nursing a two year old. She nurses once or twice a day, if she is upset or hurt she nurses more often. I dont mind the thought of tandem nursing and am infact hoping I wont get cracked nipples, mastitis or severe thrush infections if Im already nursing when the new one starts. But on the other hand I love the thought of having my body totally to myself for at least one day. Somedays I just dont feel like giving.
Its nice to read that Im not the only one out there that wishes they were nauseous. Makes me feel that this normal. Belly/uterus is still growing, and my stomach muscles are relaxed and hanging. How are the irritable : mamas feeling? I was doing better, but now Ive got a touch of insomnia and being sleep deprived makes me grumpy.
Keeping a log sounds like a great idea. I read an excellent article (which unfortunately I cant remember where) that was about the brain and its amazing abilities to constantly grow, and that if one part is injured you can make the other parts of the brain compensate and they grow new ,uh, pathways, I guess. Point being, I think if you try to teach his brain what you guys want it to know and do, it should respond. gosh, I hope I made a little sense in there
Im no expert but heres the things that pop into my head -Does he watch TV? -does he get lots of outside time? -does he get lots of whole foods-especially veggies to eat? -Have you tried eliminating dairy, wheat, sugar, preservatives, flavourings,colourings,ect..blah blah from his diet? Umm, what else? -does he get some one-on-one time with his parents? -Maybe his life is too hectic, or not busy enough -does he get to make choices? -Any possible allergies...
sorry to hear about your miscarriage.
Mama2lennon- Im also in Guelph so if you think there is anything I can do to help give me a pm and Ill send you my number.
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