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Your state may offer a better legal remedy (what state are you in?) but at the federal level you can try filing a complaint with the Department of Labor. It is not yet clear how this new law will be enforced but we won't know until someone asks. http://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs73.htm
I would politely remind the nurse that you had filed an exemption. That should lead the nurse to believe there are no vaccination records. Old vaccination records for a 15 year old aren't medically meaningful anyway. But I would be uncomfortable alerting the school to the fact that at one time you vaccinated. It raises a discussion you want to avoid - the "if you have an objection that allows you to take the exemption, why did you *ever* vaccinate." question. There is no...
Thanks much again. This really helps. Anyone else?
Wasn't me. Thanks much! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
I am coming to Santa Fe with my family of celliacs. I have found the official lists of restaurants that are gluten-free friendly to be woefully inaccurate. Any suggestions of Santa Fe restaurants that accommodate food sensitivities?
I am coming to Santa Fe on vacation with my family, including my homeschooled 16, 13 and 10 year olds. I have Hillerman's Childrens Guide to Santa Fe but could use more help with suggestions of things to do - particularly science stuff. Can anyone help? We will have a car.
The book is less than a year old but I have been using Robyn as a resource for years. Thanks for helping to get the word out to active duty moms. I'm hoping this book makes it to every base.
I think the absolute "go to" site for help with breastfeeding on active duty is Breastfeeding in Combat Boots. http://www.breastfeedingincombatboots.com/ There is a forum and I highly recommend the book. Robyn Roche-Paull is a fantastic resource for active duty moms.
People do it here, for sure. I have known a few. But it *is* hugely stressful. I was underground for a few years and I find reporting (though unquestionably a PITA) *much* less stressful than looking over my shoulder. I have never known anyone who was caught underground losing their kids in PA. But I wouldn't want to go through, and put my kids through, a truancy proceeding. And I definitely wouldn't have wanted to deal with an order to put my kids in school (the most...
New Posts  All Forums: