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They are a cross between a muskrat and a beaver. They are invasive and prolifiic. They are not to bright but will attack if provoked. My Dh had one charge after him as he was trying to shoo it out of the yard. My main concern is with them going after the children. I was also distraught about them eating my corn shoots in the garden. So far they seem to scrurry at our sound (only after having to shoo them away for a few weeks first), I have also started putting a...
Wow I am so dissapointed to here that. I and my husband have been long time hard dore fans of bowie in music and film. I will have to rack my brain to see what to do about this. Thanks for the info. BTW, what is the product called? I am a bit out of the commercial loop as I have not owned a TV for many years.
Does any one have any clue how to get rid of nutria? I don;t want to trap or kill them but they are invading my backyard and they are aggressive and they wil bite. They probably carry diseases and worst of all they will eat any green matter in sight. Help!!
Well I definitley would not drive while stoned now but I did it plenty of times in my pre-mama days. I used to live 130 mles away from family, it was a two hour drive and I often made the trip alone. Normally I was a very absent minded driver, but if I smoked a joint before heading out, and took some good music with me, I was more awake, and cautious of everything around me. As for driving in town, my bigg problem was waiting for the stop sign to turn green. I was...
Here is a "creed" for responsible use when MJ is legal... http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=3417 Responsible use is the key to proper functioning society with legalization.
Sunmountain, I am soooo jealous. We pay $560 for a two bedroom second level apartment, with no yard. I am a full-time student and Dh is a full-time dad, we get food stamps and helathcare, but our co-op takes food stamps and we love each other. It would be nice not to worry about paying the bills, but someday we will have our little plot of land, and all the organic tomatoes we can eat.
Ok so here is how smoke works for lung problems as I understand it: Asthma like other lung diseases is an inflammation of tissues or other substances, i.e. fungus, mucus, etc. Smoking mullein or mugwort when you have lung congestion help to kill off the spreading invader and asks as an expelling agent. I know someone who have a lifelong fungal growth in his lungs, and when infalmed makes breathing very difficult, wich also leads to dizzines and more because of lack...
well Tabitha nobody said you had to take anybody's advice!! furthermore, no one here is talking about addictions, and if you want to throw stones I hope your slate is clean.
I tried very hard to know where my stuff was coming from. In the area I used to live in, there was a lot of homegrown, and after so many years of tasting the local stuff, if I got "imported" MJ I could smell and feel the differnece.
First of all, let all take a step back and take a few deep breathes. No one is forcing anyone to anything they don't want to do, we are just TALKING about this, exchanging ideas, learning other POV. Now, as for using HERB as a means of coping with traumatic events or out of control behavior, if it keeps you from hurting yourself or others, than by all means, toke away. If there is a deeper issue that needs to be resolved, call a counsleor. I did not use MJ as a way...
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