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This is familiar. My dh is a triathlete. He does Ironmans, if that means anything to you. They involve tons of training. At his peak last year, he spent 20 hrs/week training. The rest of the year he spends between 5-10 hrs/week training. All away from us, of course. I got really resentful last summer, so I hear you. What helped in our case is that dh decided to get up early to run or swim some days of the week, or go when dd is napping. So she doesn't notice him...
Depends on how sick he is. You said sick with RSV "again". Can you explain? My dd had RSV recently and it was really nasty, but the docs said as long as she could breathe fine, that she was better off at home. How is your son's breathing? Could that be a concern?
Why do inlaws do this? I have no idea, but we have our own version of this, too. I have noticed, that many grandparents tend to favor their daughter's children over their son's children. Anyone else???
I don't know, but since she is asking you periodically, maybe you can have an effect here. Maybe you could recommend taking her to a dietitian? If it were me, I'd have a name and number "handy" for the next time she asks. Maybe the experts can help her where you can't. ???
I voted no, but that's not fair bcs he doesn't drink coffee. It would probably irritate me, too, to be in that situation as you. But on the other hand, it's a small price to pay if he really gets a kick out of it. Maybe it makes him feel special. Does he do anything in return for you?
Wow, I'm surprised at all the student loans here. We don't have any debt now, I'm happy to report. But it was a loooong road to get here. I was surprised how long it took to get rid of that last $2000 on the credit cards.
Yes, both are scary. I go with whichever one (disease vs. vaccine) that has the lowest risk to my child.
Wow, I used to do this all the time. I did the same thing as NewMa. You don't need much added oil, and sometimes depending on the nut,I didn't have to add any. We kept it in the fridge, sometimes up to a few months without spoilage problems. I think we'll do it again! Pistachio's are especially good if you can find them already shelled.
Hmmmmmm, I wish this had been described a little better. Dh and I are now disagreeing on this. He often will hold dd while she cries, rather than getting up off his butt and playing with her. He says crying in loving arms is okay. I say, if you know what can help her, you should do it (unless it's not safe).
Hello- Sadly, I think it is still very relevant. We are definitely not past it as a society. Just look at the toy aisles the next time you're in a store. We'll definitely be buying FTBYM down the road.
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