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Your post broke my heart, radiogal.  I think that many, many women experience what you are describing, and they chalk it up to something being wrong with themselves. You're wise to be angry, though I know it doesn't feel like it. I work with women preparing for labor (both as a childbirth teacher, and in leading workshops around traumatic births), and I have noticed that, despite all of the rhetoric right now about choices in childbirth, interventions, etc., what ends...
I wanted to commend you for thinking this through - I found financial and estate planning decisions to be some of the most stressful parts of having a baby, and it was tempting to just ignore it and hope for the best.   While I'm always cautious about products that claim to be able to insulate you from life in general, life insurance has been a huge part of our safety net. The way I think of it is having barriers against events that can devastate a family...
I see that screen, but I don't have custom-user title show up, only location, and the descriptor stuff below that.  
I feel like I'm posting this same answer on a bunch of threads lately, so forgive me if you've run into me saying the same thing on another thread :-)   I work at home as a Virtual Assistant, where I give office support to businesses and organizations from home. Much of what I used to do has been made obsolete by technology (such as offering answering services, message services, etc), but I work more than part time serving about 5 different clients doing things that...
I'm watching this thread, I facilitate mother's workshops and this topic is such a big part of what we talk about. I've been brewing a blog post about this topic, so I'd love to see what solutions moms have come up with.  
I've made my part of our family's income during the last couple of years working as a Virtual Assistant. I give businesses and organizations administrative support from home, and I am able to do it (mostly) on my own schedule. If you google "Virtual Assistant", you can find more information, but it's been a solution to a big problem for our family for a long time. Good luck, mama!   Warmly, Shantana  
Welcome 261Mom!  What a joy to have you hear, I hope you find the community helpful and a source of support. No matter what your question, you'll be able to find someone who can give help and support.   Warmly, Shantana  
I agree with both of the ladies above - It's much more important to be focusing on nourishing yourself and your baby over gaining weight.  If you're eating whole foods, it takes away a lot of the motivation to eat more than you're actually hungry for. One of the things you may just do a quick check-in on how you're eating is to make sure you're eating enough fat. Fat evens-out the absorption of sugars, and this might be helpful if you find that "hungry" for you feels...
I'm a walking cliche in this department. I want a Kindle. Badly. I love books, and it's a bit surprising to find myself drooling over an eReader. But to be honest, after I finished 50 Shades of Grey, I started reading books that I just can NOT have the covers of in my home
Hello luh4, welcome!  It's a wonderful community here, and there are a lot of Montessori-minded folks.  
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