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Hello, I have a friend who is expecting her first child in San Mateo. She has chosen to birth in a hospital, but really wants to stay focused on natural childbirth. I suggested hiring a doula, but they said they can't afford one. I know it is common where I live for student doulas doing their certification births to do it for cheap or even free, so I was hoping somebody here could point me to somebody like that. TIA!
OK, I got some info for you! There's a midwife on the Long Beach Peninsula named Tamy Roloff. Her phone number is: 360-642-3650. She came to one of our meetings earlier this year... she's a retired LL Leader and she homeschooled her children (who are grown now).
Such fast babies! Welcome new little ones! : NeivaKai, we are coming to Long Beach for the weekend July 24-26! Any advice? Maybe we can meet at the beach or something if you want. I have written to my friend in Astoria to ask about midwives and will let you know if she has any names for you!
I know Deb as well, and she is great! In the interest of offering more diversity, here is the info for my doula: http://zipadeedoula.org/ She is really supportive and easy to get along with!
Looked for the giveaway thread but got lazy and gave up. I have a Yoga in Pregnancy DVD to give away and a bag of rather ghetto Med diaper covers. They are just the plain white velcro kind, some not super wetproof. Would probably be best for an EC minded mom. Please PM me as I am hardly ever on here these days.
Hey mamas! I am here - alive, but feeling hermit-y. Lots of life changes going on right now and trying to sort out where things are going.
Wow, glad I saw we went to page 4. I was just about to post it sounds like we are canceling! Orion lost almost all of our eggs!!! He took them and hid them so well I have no idea where they are LOL! I did find at least a dozen, and they have nothing nearly as healthy as raisins in them! BUT, the map of Cook Park makes it look huge. Did anybody ever say where exactly?! Sorry Nadine. That has got to suck big time. Sending you relaxed vibes.
I am all for 12:30 in case I can come. 12 hours sleep for the boy last night! : I think he is still awake, but as long as we don't have any more up at 5 and not back to sleep days, we should be OK. Thanks for the hugs.
I'm in a pissed off, bitchy mood, so if it comes across in my post, don't mind me. So after asking you guys to change the time, I have no idea if we will come Thur or not. I thought things were getting a bit better toward the end of last week, but Orion was up until 5am on Sat night! Then he got up at 5am today. I am a wreck. He will have a meltdown if you look at him funny. I just don't know if we should come unless he starts getting more sleep. But I have no...
I know Nadine, Orion neither! I have never been to Cook Park before. Didn't we do two sections for littles and bigs last year? Orion really wants to *hide* the eggs for the littles. Is there a good way to separate that there?
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