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I've been using shea butter this time around and my belly or anywhere on my body for that matter hasn't itched yet this dry winter.  
Yay for finding out its a girl! 
Cathy, my husband is a diabetic too and is just really getting started on the paleo diet. His blood sugars are much more stable now. Especially if he doesn't have carbs.  I love not eating all those carbs anymore.  Everything else tastes so much better than it used too.  :)
For snacks I've been having lots of fresh cut veggies and I cheat and eat it with a dill dip sour cream that I make at home.  So yummy.  If Im craving something sweet I will have an apple or two with nut butter.  When my MS was really bad from 6 wk to 12 wk  I could only eat protein bars.  
Hi all!  We live a paleo lifestyle as well and this is my first pregnancy living like this.  What has everyone's weight gain been like?  I usually gain a ton of weight and so far at almost 17 weeks I have only gained 2 lbs.  I eat when Im hungry but there just isn't that bad food in the house for me to eat anymore.  Lots of veggies to eat and an occasional piece of fruit.  :)  
I turned 32 in October and this is baby #7 for us.  :)  I absolutely LOVE having a big family.  Now to convince the hubby that we should have #8 at some point is going to be tricky.  Kill him with my kindness right?!  :)
I feel so much better reading this thread.  I normally go from 130 to almost 200 when my babies are born.  With my last pregnancy I planned on having a homebirth so my midwife said that I should really watch what I eat so that the baby wont be so big and that I wont gain as much weight.  I still went over 180.  This time around my diet has completely changed and Im only eating whole foods and nothing starchy as it causes so much inflammation in my muscles. I will be 17...
The brand of my supplements is Standard Process.  Its a whole food supplement brand.  I take a multi, iron, folic acid b12, cataplex b, prolamine iodine, magnesium lactate, calcium lactate, cod liver oil, vit d and a probiotic.  The magnesium and calcium I take at bed time.  I haven't felt this good probably in my whole life.  Im eating super healthy and taking my supplements every day.  I finally have energy and my weight has been great.  :)
MommyKlein- Amber July 27th Team Green!
Shortly after we found out we were expecting we moved to the country and I have limited internet so Im finally making my way back to Mothering.com. Anyways, my name is Amber and Im expecting baby #7. Im due July 27th. I have 6 children from the ages of 14-2.  Im planning on having a homebirth and it will be my 2nd one that I've had.  I don't think we're going to find out what we're having until the baby is born.  I can't wait to get to know everyone!
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