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we live on the west coast, whereas most of my family lives in Asia or Europe. we took DS1 on his first international flight (london and france for two weeks) when he was 22 months, and he still talks about it. We plan on taking both kids (who will be 5 and 2) next holiday over to asia. DS1 still talks about the trip and looks at pictures and says things like "remember when you got sick here? remember when I ate the really big roll here?" I don't think it's ever too...
We're bibliophiles at our house, and we have books everywhere. Well, DS1 is starting to want to read our books. Last night we found him reading Ender's Game to DS2. Before that, I had caught him reading David Edding's The Belgariad series. DS1 will be five at the end of this month. DS2 is 20 months. We don't have a problem with him reading stuff like Patrick McManus (which is a bunch of funny stories about camping), but we can't restrict all our books nor do we have...
well, last night we found DS1 (who will be 5 at the end of this month) reading Ender's Game to DS2 (who is 20 months) and we didn't know whether to crack up or take the book away. It's obviously not appropriate reading material for his age, and he had questions about what happened to Stilson, but my husband had been reading the series and told DS1 a brief outline about the book so he got really curious and picked it up himself. Other than that, DS1 is going to start...
that's how my son developed as well. he started sounding out and spelling words at 26 months, but wasn't reading until 3.5.
My youngest son is hivey as well. We went through five days of hives which benadryl did nothing for, he had two different steroid treatments, then he had swelling in his throat and face which resulted in an ER visit. Our ped then recommended we have allergy testing done to see if he was allergic to anything. We are also still nursing. My oldest and I are allergic to a bunch of things, so we already had ruled out a lot of food allergens and things like...
DS1 (will be 5 next month) loves puzzles, and has always been interested in them. This year he's kind of relaxed on doing puzzles since it's so nice outside but he was doing 500 piece puzzles after Christmas (took him a couple of days). He's very visual spatial though, and likes putting things together.
DS1 has always been a little on the smaller side. At 18 months he was 32.75" long and 21lbs 14oz. He wasn't even 24lbs by his 2nd birthday! In contrast, DS2 is 17 months right now, and is 35" and 29lbs! My family is pretty short, and DH's family is also fairly short as well (we are both the tallest in our families) so I am not too worried if DS1 ends up not being too big.
We also met DS1's playgroup at Evergreen mom and baby classes and he is almost five! We are mostly all on our second or third kids now as well. take advantage of the first 3 months being free to see if you click well with any of the groups of mamas.
:bumping: last call out! the january seattle swap will be at my house in kenmore tomorrow afternoon. hoping to see you mamas there!
Not on Whidbey Island, but Northwest Allergy and Asthma does have offices in Mt. Vernon and Everett. We go to the Redmond office, and they are great with children.
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