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Quote: Originally Posted by loraxc Oh, does THIS ever sound familiar (in our house: "I'm not putting it in my mouth--I'm just putting it very, very close to my mouth"). DD could find a loophole in a brick wall. Oh my, I actually read these aloud to my husband to share the joy/pain. We're so glad it's not just our son who finds these loopholes! We always joke he's going to be a lawyer because he can find the exception to any rule. :P
I know some people are bringing newborn stuff, just not sure if it is boy or girl stuff! PM me and I will send you my address.
hi newmomma! You should PM aufilia. She was the primary WOHM while her DH stayed at home primary with their daughter for three years (I think?) Anyway, she was able to pump and have a continued nursing relationship with her daughter until she self weaned. So it can be done! Good luck.
bumping for last minute contributors! simplehome/sara, you should have gotten a PM from me with directions. Anyone else want to join our playgroup/soiree/swap? let me know!
Ok, how does friday Jan. 22 at 1:30pm work for everyone? If you are interested PM me and I'll send you my address.
I had the same fears and thoughts as you. DS1 was 3y3m when DS2 was born, and I honestly was shaking with tears often, thinking how could I ruin his life bringing in another child. Yet all that vanished once DS2 made his appearance. People talk about there's a lot of regression, but DS1 did not regress to babyish behavior at all. He's almost been a mimic though, and fortunately thought his place in the family was to be the third parent, and not the other baby. We...
Community centers are also a great place to head with the kiddos to relieve some energy while something else entertains them! Here's a list of all the indoor play areas in Seattle: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/Children/play.htm preschool started back up today and it was just in time! DS1 has been playing preschool every day of vacation, and was so excited to go. Both my sons have been very excited about the rain and the amount of puddle splashing they can do. In...
later in january works for us! i was thinking friday jan. 22nd or the 29th. we're amicable for any time during the day.
Have we discussed a swap for January? Since it's after the holidays, we're cleaning and I have a bunch of things I've purged from our closets. Any other mamas in the same boat? I'd be happy to host at our house, we live in Kenmore. ETA: We've selected friday Jan. 22nd at 1:30pm. PM me for my address. Adult, kiddie clothes are welcomed. Anything not swapped I'll either save for the next swap, or take it to goodwill. I have the following people listed as...
DS1 is also 4.5 and loves math. While he can't necessarily explain why he knows the answers at times, we also skip around and follow his lead in what he's interested in learning (right now it's fractions. It's All About The Fractions). My thoughts right now are that he's coming up with his own thought processes and learning and I'd rather him explore that, then drill XYZ facts at him. He'll get enough of that at school when he goes, I want him to utilize all the fun...
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