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hey! stuff I know about! we are dairy free due to allergies, so you would be surprised at how much "hidden" dairy is out in stuff, even breads and innoculous sounding things! It's a little overwhelming at first, but we've been dairy free for almost four years now and really, haven't missed much from our diets. I do bake with earth balance because I miss that "buttery" taste, but overall I substitute in olive oil instead of butter, and do use a lot of coconut fat. If...
Hi everyone! i've missed our little DDC as well. My little guy turned six months on the 7th. He's a mover and shaker. We just started solids with him last week, mainly because he was avidly watching us eat and pretty much grabbing at our food all the time. I make most of his foods, but we're taking it slow (big brother has a dairy allergy, and had a soy allergy when he was a baby until 13 months). So far we've done banana, sweet potato, peas (he LOVED them!),...
just bumping us up, how is everyone doing? Has everyone else's child turned into a stubborn, willful, head butting up against mama demon child (but perfectly polite to everyone else)? No? Just mine? HELP!
if you have had varicella, you should be fine. it's only worrisome if you've never had it. with my first, I was exposed to CP during my first trimester and my midwives were worried becuase I've never had CP and my titers came back negative for the antibodies. I elected to get the vaccination before getting pregnant again so we wouldn't have that worry again during pregnancy.
we also have The Crud and I was coming online to post that we wouldn't make the swap! february 16th works well for us. we couldn't come the 10th.
I'm sorry we keep missing out on playdates! sleep has been a precious, precious commodity at my house. I don't think I'll ever see it again sometimes! we'd be happy to post a playdate here. I live on the north end of the lake in Kirkland, and anytime thursday would be great for us!
wow erin you're pregnant?! congratulations!! I found out today that I did something to my right rotator cuff in my shoulder and now have to do physical therapy for it. my doctor was like, i haven't seen inflammation like this in a long time! thanks. my goal this year is to complete a mini-triathlon around my littlest son's birthday (it's in august) so i'm hoping to have the PT completed so I go back to my workout schedule!
I have two sons (DS1 is 3.5, DS2 is 5 months) myself! We love the zoo, and have had passes every year since DS1 was 1. We go probably once a week, even in the winter. there's just so much to see, and when it's cold and rainy there's the awesome Zoomazium to keep him occupied as well. There is also a joint pass you can get with the Seattle Aquarium and the Zoo, but we don't visit the Aquarium enough (there's just not enough running around space for DS1) so we just stick...
so sorry to hear about yoru DP bjorker! lots of healing vibes your way. we're up for a playdate at REI! I didn't even realize they had a play area there! this is the downtown one correct? mondays aren't great for us but we can try to make it.
just popping in to say HI and hope everyone is having a great 2009! we had snow, were snowed in and couldn't leave the house for almost two weeks, then rain, then flooding, and sporadic power outages since Dec. 17th. It was crazy weather here! Then, apparently the computers in our house decided to die and I have the only working computer, so my husband and I fight it out for who gets to do their work on the computer. :P needless to say, i'm hoping the rest of 2009...
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