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The Family Book by Todd Parr is a good one. 
thanks guys. Poppymama, are you saying you did not want them to have recess every day? and you did want them to have to wear uniforms? sorry- I am not quite following.... I am a fan of laid back, no uniforms and lots of recess myself so that might be just the ticket for us!
ok, so ya'll are not exactly rolling out the red carpet! No one can tell me anything about the school system around San Antonio or Austin? I have 2 really sensitive kids and I'm kinda freakin out here. thanks....
Hi There My family may be moving to San Antonio from NC. We have 2 kids- 5 & 9. My youngest attends a psychoanalytic school here and my oldest attends a holistic, project-based, charter- we love both and replacing the schools is the most daunting part of thinking about a move. What is the school system like in San Antonio? Are there some good charters? How hard are they to get into?
Hi Guys, not usually here but I thought you all might have ideas for me. We just got in to the charter school of our dreams and my daughter will be bringing her lunch to school for the first time. I am scrabbling- she starts mon. I am trying to figure out what kind of containers I can use that won't have bha in them. I was thinking of small glass jars but can't find them online & not sure they'll be allowed in any case. What kinds of containers do you use to avoid...
I had just a convertable with my first but it was a bummer when she'd fallen asleep in the car and I had to wake her up- had an infant seat with the second and it's the only time I carried her around in it but it was nice to let her sleep.
thats what I was afraid of. ok. that's a good suggestion. thanks, Julie
Hello there, I've never been on this forum but its a good place for me as I seem to be the self-appointed community safety natzi around here! So here is my question. I am starting to do some childcare in my home and I will soon have 2 infants but not on the same days. I have to drive the infants to pick up my daughter from preschool every day. So if the car seats are different types, are there bases that would work safely with both seats or do you always have to...
I can think of another reason not to have them out there which is that I have heard of DSS removing children who were photographed nude (not likely but I would not even want to be questioned). We're talking totally innocent sweet family photos. It's a reaction against said pornographers who are indeed out there and I think its crazy b/c there is nothing more sweet or innocent than a little naked baby but there you go. I would take them down. just my 2 cents.
Mary's not available. any other suggestions?
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