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the herb bar on west mary near congress
There is also this lady... http://foxlawtexas.com/ I met her through her para legal. I haven't used her personally but I have heard great things about her.
I used john hindera for my divorce and custody fight. he can be an ass but  he is loyal and smart and will fight hard for you.   Hindera Law Firm 4425 MoPac South #505, Austin, TX 78735 (512) 899-3631 ‎
melanie henderson  ( does all of her visits in your home. she was at two of my births and I have worked with her as her assistant off and on for the last few years.   Melanie Henderson CPM, LM - Northwest Community Midwives. (512) 331-8121,  melanieh@austin.rr.com  
I live in austin tx. here there is a variety of schooling options including a gtrong homeschooling (even unschooling) crowd and a sudbury school (clearview sudbury school).however I wouldn't go as far as to say that the overall community is loving the idea of alturnitive school. Austin is pretty affordable compared to much of the country. it is so much more liberal than texas as a whole. it is a nice place to live.          
none of the hospitals in austin has doulas on staff. all of them allow patients to bring in their own doulas. NAMC (st. davids north) has one OB who has three midwives on her staff that are allowed to deliver at the hospital. they are w9onderful BUT it is still very much a hospital birth.  
it is a very large unschooling conf. she has expanded the talks the last couple of years to really embrace free thinking in all aspects of life. I do not always agree with all of the speakers viewpoints but they are always interesting. my kids have life long friends that they look forward to seeing each year. there are activities for adults as well as kids and teens (though there is a lot of just freely hanging out among that group). the conf. group takes over a hotel...
give GALS a call. they are a good group. I just am not sure if they are working outside of Brack right now.   the other group I  answered about is get babied. I also found out that if you take a certifing doula through them, it can be as low as 150ish.   the central texas doula association list a lot of doulas who work for themselves. that is the link I put above. I do know that there are experienced doulas who will take some clients each month on a pay what you...
ugh. I got halfway to school and realized that i answered your post about the wrong organization!!   GALS (giving Austin labor support) is a great group. they train and offer volunteers to give labor support to woman in the hospital. they work primarily through Brack. some of their volunteers are doulas, some are not but all are trained.
GALS does employ doulas, though many are still "in training" they have great people working for them. the way they work is by a rotation system. you see all of the doulas' through out your pregnancy and get who is on call when you go in. it works well for some people and is a cost saver. you can have your own doula who is assigned to you by paying an extra fee. they have a great ala cart system where you can pay a small upgrade fee to get pretty much whatever you...
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