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Have you heard of NVC? This is something that takes practice but it may be of help to you over the long run, both with mil and dh. http://orncc.net/ It might be helpful to get support from an NVC group or an experienced mediator I just want to encourage you not to feel guilty! I don't know a quick or easy answer but I have empathy.You are not alone. Most of us are not taught how to establish boundaries and enforce limits or how to communicate our needs. For me...
This situation sounds really sad for everyone involved, I have empathy for you. I was taken away from my mother when I was about 2 1/2 years old, for three months i didn' t see her. I don't think there was anyone in particular who served as my foster parent because I was born into a religious cult. I do remember the night i was pulled out of my mothers arms and the night i waited when they told me she was coming home. This is so traumatic. I am glad for your baby...
thanks Lilian and Onlyzombiecat i'll check them out
my daughter wants something fun, i'd like it to be educational. All we know is club penguin Do you know of anything similar and even better? Please direct me to any previous thread where it's already been discussed.:
i tried to reply to a post in single parenting but i keep getting a message that i can't do it WHy?
to get your
I say run! Can't talk now dd calling
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