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Here's a little info for those wanting to learn more http://www.wellwithin1.com/flu.htm http://www.*********/vaccine/yazbak_flu.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Stevi Yikes! I have COPD, Emphysema to be exact and have had the flu shot the last two years. Now you all have me worried about whether I should skip it this year??? I would do a search in the vax forum or maybe health and healing
Quote: Originally Posted by momtoNatalee For a boy I think we are pretty set on Keegan Wesley (Wesley after dh) and for a girl may-be Scarlett Grace eta: dd's middle name is Faith and that was one reason we like Grace as a middle name.
For a boy I think we are pretty set on Keegan Wesley (Wesley after dh) and for a girl may-be Scarlett Grace
No, never ever ever for us! EVER
My dd has been out of diaps over a year and we used bum genuis (but not until she was about 4 months old) So I've never cloth diapered a newborn before, I can't wait : I have no clue what to do this time, I started sewing so I know I'd like to try and make my own... I am thinking prefolds at first? I have lots of research to do and sewing practice
Name: Tiffany Due date: Sometime in May (18th will be 40 weeks) Older Children and Ages: one dd who just turned 3 Birth Plans: birth center, water birth (want to learn more about lotus birth but don't see how I could do that unless I'm home ) Anything else you'd like to add: This was a big surprise (a very exciting one) we were not planning to TTC again till next year, mainly b/c I have some dental work that needed to be done first (need dental amalgam...
Yep, me too... I am 5 weeks along and already have a bump about the size I was w/ dd at 12 weeks. Twins run in the family so I am kind of wondering, but I am sure it's just one.... my breast seem to have doubled in size though
I had a very vivid dream my parents bought me Michael Flatleys lord of the dance tickets and I was so happy I was crying, screaming and hugging them. I'd love to have tickets, but I wouldn't normally get that excited
I developed high BP at 36 weeks w/ my last pregnancy (so I didn't know any better and was induced and yada yada.. ) also I have a little history of anxiety induced high BP... I did check it the other day and it was fine (And has been for about the past year) Well, I am determinded to not develop high bp this pregnancy so I can have the birth I want! Should I go ahead and start the brewer's diet now? I'm not a huge fan of dairy products (especially if they are...
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