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I am still nursing my 3 yr old dd and it does hurt! I've cut her nursing short the last 2 nights and she was okay w/ it... I don't plan on weaning her (she still nurses some during the day too) but I'll just see what happens... I forgot about eating oatmeal, thanks for the reminder
Thank you! She actually didn't cry when she woke up in the middle of night to nurse and I asked her if she wouldn't b/c it's hurts mama... I am SO surprised. Not sure if this will cause her wean (that would be a shocker!) either way I'm sure I'll be tandem nursing
We are thinking we'd like a birth center birth, the nearest ones are both 1.5 hours away, but I don't think that should be a problem? here is the link http://www.birthcenterofgainesville.org/ I want to come back and check the links you all posted your birth centers
My dd just turned 3 and still nurses at night and sometimes during the day and for the past couple of days it HURTS!! So last night and tonight and I only let her nurse for a couple minutes and she was pretty ok w/ it and fell asleep... will this pass?? I hope!
I can relate as well. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage (7 weeks) so I am having that fear again like I did when I was preg. w/ dd... I feel like I am in constant worry. The symptoms/lack of, every cramp... going to the bathroom to check... all that I think I have more a fear of having a later miscarriage or worse for some reason.
This is today, 5 weeks (my bump is about the size it was when I was about 10-12 weeks w/ dd) I can't believe it! http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p...ots/011_pp.jpg Close-up http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p...0shots/008.jpg
I got a BFP yesterday This is baby number #2 and my EDD is May 18th :
I have never heard of fluoride releasing fillings.... if it were me, I'd never go back there! EVER! I think cavaties are a lot to do w/ the individual and not what you use to clean your teeth. My parents have 8 kids and we all ate basically the same diet and brushed daily w/ fluoride toothpaste and half of us had major cavities and half of us had none or me who's had 2. We are anti-fluoride here... we try and eat carrots after/during meals to help keep teeth clean...
We have a book called "Raising Your Vaccine Free Child" It's by Wendy Lyndall..
Quote: Originally Posted by JaneS I would put glutamine capsules or homemade bone broths at the top of this list. Glutamine is the amino acid that the gut lining uses to heal itself. Bone broths are so beneficial for many other reasons too if you are trying to recover from illness. Also high vitamin cod liver oil. Be careful with the "killers". I wouldn't do GSE but I've been reading wonderful things about Oil of oregano lately (Cass Ingram's...
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