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since I am going thru some older threads I posted, I thought I'd put an update here.... it seemed to definetly be a phase (for me) b/c it doesn't bother me like it was. there are times now when I will tell her she cannot nurse at the moment and she may get a little upset, but I am better now at finding a way to distract her or help get her mind off of it. it's better at night too, I think alot of it has to do with her getting older and understanding better.
wow, I know I posted this a while back... but wanted to come back and say we decided to try panties full time and not a single accident since I should have probably had her in panties full time sooner. she is growing up way too fast!
I know this thread if from a few weeks ago... but wanted to say I have been trying to read up on everything I can...and b/c there really is lack of info on rabies, homeopathic treatment for it, and the vaccine for it...I would get her the vaccine series right away (of course, this would only be in the scenario discussed) obviously I would do ANYTHING that was thought to treat it. but soon after I would focus on detoxing her... I know the chance of this scenario is...
bumping only once more
thanks! after doing more research and giving it alot more thought... I am going to stick with just taking only the chlorella supplement and also giving some to dd, which is perfectly safe and beneficial from everything I have been reading other than that I am going to continue to eat even more raw fruits and vegetables. drinking lots of water and using pure calcium bentonite clay, for different uses for the whole family. hopefully this will get me feeling...
I know this is a very old thread, bumping to see if anyone has any more info on this?
Thanks. I've actually have never told him I am still bfing. Haven't had a reason to-yet. I guess I will have to wait till my next appt and talk to him about it. If I cannot do this detox I don't know what in the world I will do, I feel like I am borderline going completly crazy from these symptoms! And dh and I to TTC so bad, but I have to get my health in order first. I cannot imagine even trying to wean my dd. She is very much still into nursing!!
I am needing to detox my body-it's mainly heavy metals I am needing to get rid of...anyway, so my Dr. wants me start chorella and pectin plus. from what i've read chorella seems safe? but don't know about the pectin plus? It contains citrus pectin, cilantro and garlic extract.. other ingred. are rice flower, magnesium trisilicate, stearate, silica I heard that you are not suppose to do any detox (especially heavy metal) while bfing though?? as the toxins w/ pass thru...
see if she has looked at any stretchy wraps like the moby. for a pouch I love Peanut Shell the best for nursing.
Well, after thinking about it some more...I decided to research further and have decided for stove top cooking-(frying pan and saucepans) I only want to use cast iron, preferably enameled cast iron(only b/c of the looks I guess) and stick to glass or cast iron when baking in the oven. thanks for all the help
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