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Thanks! Yes, I added more browns and giving more air....still have not looked at it today yet, maybe I will get the nerve soon. Thanks for the help, hopefully I won't be seeing them much anymore!
oh...wonder if it was the avocado skin I put in it? Maybe there are certain fruit feels you shouldn't use?
Thanks! I have not put any kind of animal product at all in there except egg shells. I have been using hay and wood chips for my carbon.. I put fruit and vegatable scraps/leftovers, coffee and the egg shells. I've been turning it well every other day and always throw some hay or wood chips on top. I am afraid to go out and look at it today.
Quote: Originally Posted by lightheart oh I forgot to add using wire for the sides too, I don't like chicken wire because it rusts to quickly and will quish down, woven wire or field fencing or welded wire is what we have around so have used it before. Look at the maggots as helping to decompose things, I know they are gross but until you get more browns added think in terms of them doing a job and not just complete yuck. Thank you! I like...
Oh I am SO grossed out right now! Nothing normally grosses me out, but this was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen!! They were all different sizes and I guess they are soldier fly larvae? I have seen alot of flies around and in the pile lately.... So from what I read doing a search, they are not a bad thing, but I need to add more "brown" stuff.. and maybe it has too much moisture? What would be the best brown material to add? I have plenty of hay,...
Thanks! I didn't even think about the glues and such that plywood is used to make, I don't want to do that even if it is not pressure treated... I'll figure something else out....I am sure I can get something from my grandparents farm. I am actually SO grossed out right now b/c I think there is maggots in my pile I know now I must need some more "brown"
Quote: Originally Posted by Will I have heard some of those not safe stories. Some were a result of contamination with stuff you should have no issue with growing them at home. One had to do with some other thing I can't remember. I look at these sorts of things pretty closely and whatever the stories were, they have not deterred me. I sprout alfalfa, clover, and radish. and have tried a few mixes. I agree with everything Pancakes said about the...
We need to expand our compost and make it larger... we have 2 untreated shipping pallets, a used dog crate(taken apart) and tons of plywood.... I was thinking on digging the space in the ground out, setting rocks or bunch of sticks in the ground, then set the pallet on that, use the plywood to build the 4 sides and then a piece of the crate as the top just in case b/c we have lots of critters where we live. But I cannot figure out if the plywood is pressure treated...
bECO pack
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