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good luck. I grew-up around alot of farming and gardening(my grandparents farm some and both of their parents were big farmers) but that was only a couple hours north of where I live....so I am lucky to have my grandma and grandpa give me lots of tips
I knocked my front tooth out when I was a kid(well it didn't fall out but dangled) and they were able to tighten it(not sure how?) and it did pretty well from what I remember? but still kind of loose...then AGAIN I knocked the same tooth practically out a yr later. well I guess the roots died and they did several root canals (I'd say around 10-12) to try and save the tooth(this was back around 1996-97) well after going thru all that they couldn't save the tooth.........so...
Thank you! So I guess all the stuff you hear about them not being "safe" is just like anything else you could buy from the store? like the spinach thing(I think it was e-coli?) or other things that may be contaiminated... i guess something like sprouts has a higher chance? but no need to worry if you grow them yourself, right? eta: thank you for the link! I can't wait to read more
wow, the climate sounds neat were you live! I am in central Fl...well a little north central (50 miles north of orlando) We had our last cold fronts a few weeks ago (last freeze was probably 30-40 days ago-very late for us) seems to be that way everywhere The days are already so hot...up to 85-88 F and nights still a little cool but not below 50 F. We have no shade at all on our land and in aug.-sept we still get temps in the 90's. But I could always start indoors for...
Oh, I didn't even think about stoneware. When we visit my dh's family in KY we usually go to a few stoneware places, I'll have to remember in case I need anything
I tried to look and see if there was a thread already...but I didn't see one? This is my first year and I feel like I have no clue what I am doing....I've read several books so hopefully I will some sort of food to eat eventually. what have you planted? many blooms yet? Also I am not sure how long I will need to wait to plant things such as lettuces, broccoli and peas? It's so hot here in Fl I am thinking it will be at least Sept?
thank you! very helpful
thanks for the links! great information...I am going to go look in target just to see what they have(ours has started carrying alot of new things like Dr bronners and lots of of stuff in the beauty section..
I love these but it seems like it's conflicted (from researching online) if they are good for you or not. and also something about growing them yourself is good?(not sure if they mean to eat?) but isn't everything better if you grow it yourself! I have some here I bought and have been eating for about a week, but decided to find out more about them...
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