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Thank you! it looks like from what I am reading from doing a google search...that cast iron is not recommended for smooth top -but to me I would think it's fine to use if you are careful and not slide, slam etc.. looks like people use cast iron on smooth top all the time with no problems? I looked at some at Target today, I think I am going to try it.
and I just found 2 fabarware(sp?) pots in the back of the cabinet(I cannot believe I forgot I had those hiding in there) I assume they are stainless steel, so they would be safe...it says aluminum clad on the bottom(but that just means the bottom is made with aluminum, right?
perfect, thank you!
oops, sorry I didn't specify. I am talking about both I guess...but I got SOO lucky today!!, I was driving down the road and saw a bunch of stuff in someones driveway with a free sign...so I stopped and the people take anything you'd like and they had so many great things, I got: a corning ware 1 3/4 qt. dish w/ lid(I use that on the stove too right?) a med. sized round glass casserole dish(or bowl?) w/ lid-no name on it a square and 2 regtangle anchor hocking...
thank you-I will get some GSO
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we recently started using coconut oil in our home(EV organic) and love it. We started cooking with it, using it on our skin and hair. we've been using evoo not just for cooking but wood furniture too. I have started researching about different types of oils/vegatable oils and there is just so much info! I am wondering if anyone knows- the best/most healthy types of oil for multi purpose use? like cooking? what about deep frying? for skin and body care? what...
i am thinking corningware? but it seems costly? I am going to start trying to look at some thrift stores and flea markets around here, but I am SO ready to be done with the toxic cookware I have now.. any suggestions?
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