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Only on this site a little while back I went to update my signature and I couln't use smilies. They don't work at all for me but they used to and it's only when I'm on MDC. What can I do to fix it? I tried clicking and unclicking disable smilies in text and ir says my smilies are ON Thanks
Thanks, sounds like I will enjoy it!
I don't even know b/c I stopped watching the clock and even if I look at it I am so tired I cannot remember. But from the way I feel during the day I'd say maybe 4-5 hrs total!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamaofthree I try to never be insulting or terribly outwardly judgemental about other people's parenting, but gosh darn if I haven't had people giving me trash about my parenting. "Your STILL breastfeeding", "They will NEVER sleep if you sleep with them", "Cloth... ewww gross". Yet I don't say things like that to them... "Your NOT breastfeeding?? What is the matter with you?", "You let your baby cry it self to sleep? Are you...
I've decided to go to the next LLL meeting that is closest to me. I had a few questions. Do most Mamas just hold their babes or wear in sling/carrier? The one I am going to is at a library. Do you have to give your $40 on the first visit or can you wait and decide if you want to join after? Are these mothers usually AP Mamas? Do have to contact the LLL leader first or just show up? Thanks, I will not know anyone so I'm a little unsure.
I usually sit in the back w/ dd so if she wants to nurse I just hang over her car seat and feed her-it really hurts, but it's better than a screaming baby on the interstate where you can't exactly pull over safely until a rest stop.
When my dd was about 5 months she started grabbing at our food, showing lots of intrest etc... So we started around 5.5 months. But now I realize I think it was more her curiosity more than anything. I would feed her puree food and she would scream if I wasn't going fast enough etc.. and it was a nightmare. So when I FINALLY realized a few weeks ago that If I just set some mashed/soft chopped pieces of food on her hairchair tray she is just as happy to take her time w/ eat...
There is one for sale on The Trading Post-not my size though. I thikn it's a hotsling!!
TY-I'll check out ebay
I am actually thinking of making my own-a pouch out of solarveil?? We'll see. First I have to ask my Grandma if she could make it-lol I guess I wouldn't be the one making it, but I would help. I am going to show her my Peanut Shell I just got and see if she could do it. She is a fantastic seamtress!
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