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Sorry about the comment, alisaterry. Your poll does have value, and I didn't mean to imply that it didn't.
Just a thought. If people are voting 'no' because they don't vax, won't the numbers in the No column be inaccurate? When I looked at the graph, I thought the numbers pertained to children who were vaxed but didn't have a reaction. I mean, a child who hasn't been vaxed can't have a vaccine injury, can they?
Quote: Originally Posted by Spy Australia has no idea about the prevalence, apparently. Different states' 'awareness groups' quote rates from '2 to 21 per 10,000 of births' to 'at least one in 250', neither of which applies to Australia or the state, they just quote various sources from elsewhere. That's right. Here are some Australian sites that quote the 1 in 166...
Quote: Originally Posted by Minoh Do many other researchers also feel that low-functioning autism numbers are decreasing? They wouldn't know. I don't think pro-vax researchers looking at "Autism" (PDD) and vaccines, consider that children with "Autism" have all, or some, or varying degrees of the behaviours associated with the condition, they just lump all children with the "Autism" label together. They're not looking at the groups of children...
SOooo sorry, MT! :
Evelyn Pringle's Message For Study Authors at Cornell University Authors Superb! Thanks for posting this, krissi. It's a must read.
Have you ever wondered why the official "autism" numbers keep rising despite the removal of thimerosal? The latest "autism" rate from the UK is 1 in 100. And yet Safeminds and the Geiers have shown that the rate of autism is falling. Both groups use the word 'autism', but the rate can't be rising and falling at the same time, so they must be referring to two different Autisms. They are. The pro-vax researchers, like Fombonne, mean "PDD". Safeminds and the Geiers...
grypx831: I've just read through this again and wanted to add that the title of the article Shodan's link pointed to was, "No Autism-Vaccine Link, Researchers Re-Confirm" but the title of Fombonne's study was, "Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Prevalence and Links With Immunizations".
Quote: Originally Posted by Momtezuma Tuatara And why does TV get the blame for autism, yet again? Because now they've discovered that Amish children don't have autism, they have to blame something for the high rate amongst our children, and it has to be something that the Amish don't have, that most non-Amish families do have. TV fits the bill nicely. The Amish don't vaccinate their kids either, but that certainly can't have anything to do...
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