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Benmamacita..thanks... your comment hit me like a good old fashion caring hug. Lord knows I need that. As for Silly_scout and Eliabethrose a I'm thankful you took the time to read my post and I'm glad you thought to add me to your prayers/thoughts, but, I would have had to have writen a book in order to give you enough info to judge who is doing the lying/not remembering correctly. I wasn't really asking anyone to pick sides I was asking if this might be Postpartum...
: My daughter had a baby in March. She lives 12 hours from me, and I was prepared for my third trip down there at the end of the month. My husband (not her bioilogical father, but him and I got together as a couple when she was 4) was suppost to come with me this time for the first time. He was thrilled at the idea of seeing him new grandbaby. My daughter called earllier this week and said she didn't want him near her daughter, when I asked why, she told me he had...
oppps it there a way to delete this thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by Joan "Sacrifice" is one of those loaded words, I think. Amen..heehee. I wrote my responce above.. before I read any others. It's so nice to be in a "room" with a group of people that view this much the same way I do. I'm always amazed when people just don't get that. The looks I get when I tell someone I homeschool ....geesh.
Quote: Originally Posted by onlyzombiecat Do you feel you are making a sacrifice by homeschooling your child? I'm sitting here, listening to my kids work on crafts..talking about plans and thing they want to made/do. It's 7:30 am ...and although I'm waiting for someone to ask for food anytime, my house is peacefully. There is no rushing, looking for homework papers, tears. There is no making bagged lunches. In an hour, there will be no hussle...
Reason for this thread...I love cooking I just hate deciding what to have so I figure if you all just let me know what you are having..it will give me and others ideas. I'll start.... since I figured it out for the day. We are having swizz steak...made with moose meat, mashed potatoes and beans. and you?
Why not look one up at the library?
Quote: Originally Posted by chevy974 Do any of you kids run a low grade fever with illnesses. DD has a sore throat and belly ache on and off and a low grade fever of 100. Can low grade fever be good to Iknow when they get HOT its burning the virus up but what about low grade. thanks amy Keep a close eye your dd, but at 100 degree i'd leave her "cook" in her fever for a while..I believe the fever serves the reason you stated. If it's...
Heehee..I just offered up this job to my hubby. I think it's a cool project he can do with the kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by mandib50 http://www.familymanweb.com/cartoon7.gif thats not anything like me... honest... it's not.... well, maybe but, just don't tell anyone ..OK!
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