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I'd smell it first and then decide. When I've had raw milk that's starting to go sour, I turn it into yogurt.
Hey there, I'm wondering what everyone's favorite oils are for making mayo. I've been messing around with it for a few months now and can't seem to get it quite right. Thanks!
Maalox! A doc gave me a recipie for a homemade cream a few years ago and I knew I was forgetting one of the ingredients. That was it. Thanks so much for reminding me! I've never used the Weleda diaper rash ointment before, I'll pick some up.
Ds is 11mo and has the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. He is getting over a bad cold and has had diarrhea for the past few days, at times it has been pretty bad. I'm good about changing him when wet and as soon as he poops, but still has developed this horrible rash. It looks like he is scalded all over his bottom, all of the areas that come into contact with his diaper especially. He is in extreme pain from it. He usually wears cloth during the day (prefolds...
Thanks all for the replies. Keep them coming! I'm wondering if anyone has opinions about Alta Dena brand, which is all raw I believe, and if it's better than Organic Pastures, which I think are the two brands they carry at the hfs.
I'm looking for opinions on cheese. Hard cheese, like cheddar for example. (I make my own soft cheese.) I'm thinking that it's pretty TF friendly, but would like more opinions on it. I want to give some to my son because I think he needs more fats in the solid foods he's eating. Are there commercial brands that are better than others? Should I stay away from it entirely? Thanks!
Thank you all for this wonderful discussion. I'm not actually considering using any kind of punishment or consequence. That just isn't a practice that we use in our household. I think I'm just more looking for where things are wrong, I guess. I think that my expectations of dd are too high and that's where we got off track. ooohhh, cryaing baby, gotta go, but thanks!!!!!!
How do you deal with things that are "major" transgressions in your house? Like significant destruction of household goods, things that the child really knows that they aren't supposed to do? In the past two days, dd has smashed two family heirlooms (that were in a location that we didn't think she could even access, let alone get to in the few minutes that I was in the kitchen starting the dishwasher) and scribbled on our kitchen table in marker that won't come off. ...
Dianna??? How are you doing?
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