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Emmy Trammell was my midwife for both of my deliveries and she's awesome.  She's in Ponchatoula, but I think she goes to Baton Rouge.  http://www.bigeasybirth.com/midwives.html
We use one in the car. My five year old goes to Kindergarten in the next town over so we spend at least 1 1/2 in the car every day (45 minutes each way and I always drive in the mornings, sometimes carpool takes him home). Driving down the interstate with my finger in her mouth didn't seem safe, so pacifier it is. I leave it in the carseat though, she doesn't need it any other time and doesn't really like it overall. She'll be happier when she can figure out her thumb,...
Little B is 8 weeks and was 11 lb 4 oz today. She was 7 lbs 12 oz when she was born.
I just went through this at my son's school. I have a 5 week old baby and the little girls like to come over and talk to me and look at the baby. One of them loves to ask questions and one day she asked me did we "get the baby at the hospital" and I do what I always do with my son when he asks things about sex, I answer only what was asked. So I said "no we didn't get the baby at the hospital." She kept going and eventually over the 20 minutes we were sitting there we...
Yep, call your insurance claims adjustor, don't bother with the truck's insurance adjustor. Tell them you need new seats, send them a link on amazon to which ever Brtiax model you have, and tell them you need them to bring you a check because you're stranded at home with your kids because you don't have safe carseats. When my neighbor hit me last year my claim adjustor hand delivered a check to me in less than 24 hours. I took the covers off my seats and she took the...
I had a really really hard time installing my marathon rear-facing in my MIL's Prius. I had to move it outboard to get a decent install. I have a True-Fit and the straps are comparable to Britax straps, they don't twist or tangle. It's a really nice seat.
We have a "swing lock" on all of our external doors. I like them because they work the same way a chain lock would, but they're faster to lock and un-lock and a bit more sturdy.
Quote: Originally Posted by BCFD TCP has seriously cute uniform clothes, too. I didn't notice until I was dressing my dd for school in the a.m. that a size 4 capri has a BUTTON instead of a snap. Really? A 4 year old in a rush to pee isn't going to be able to get open a button (not even a Montessori student! - or at least not my dd). My 5 year old's uniform requires a belt... and not just any belt, but a leather belt with a standard buckle...
My son started Kindergarten this year at small independant private school. In Louisiana you can deduct half the cost of your tution/educational expenses from your state taxes.
Our Target just changed out all the carseat displays and there are two new Marathons out with all the other new seats. Maybe it's a regional thing. They did get rid of the True Fit they used to carry at our Target and I'm sad about that. I love my True Fit and I recommend them to people all the time.
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